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Image average Walmart shopper


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Made $10,000 net in my first month from cold calling, AMA


Started a new business and grossed $23,830 in my first month, netting 10k after expenses. Started with no website, no reviews, just cold calling. Now one month later, we have 11 employees, are working on a website, and have a few testimonials ready to go. We also have automated the whole business where we just manage. If you put you are willing to work 14 hour days for a month straight and live and breathe your business, you will achieve it. Now we have it on autopilot.

Ask me anything. I’ll probably delete this thread in a few hours but willing to answer any question relating to how we did it/what we did. I think if you have the right formula, you can use it in any business to make it succeed, especially if it’s a service oriented business(like ours).

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Meme [ALL] How it feels being a long time fan right now

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Selfie I got myself a trans flag I love it!!!!!! 💙💖🤍💖💙

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion Why I'm going to sell my fractions after the next direct stock purchase and resume to buy via IEX and DRS from my broker...


- The argument that the middleman is not eliminated is not true, because direct stock purchases are also processed by a middleman (broker).

- No need to switch from plan to book.

- Since direct stock purchases picked up steam the curve of DRSed shares flattened. Could be coincidence or not, but I want to rule out this factor just to be sure.

- Same costs, but with the advantage that you can time your purchase, use a limit to buy and set the routing. If you only DRS once per quarter you even save some money (DRSing from IBKR, EU).

- Book is king (100%).

- Fractions held in plan are not withdrawn from the DTCC.

- An open discussion regarding this topic is getting suppressed in this sub by some mods in my opinion.

- No known disadvantages.*

No advice, do what you want.

Edit: Fractions are the dingleberries.

*except cost for selling fractions

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Creative Nieve in the gnome stronghold - created from making my own model with mostly ingame screenshots and then photoshop by hand

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Discussion Swifties, we need to talk about the complaining.


For a long time now I have been seeing all of the top comments on Taylor Nation’s social media in posts about her accomplishments. I will not name any names, and please do not try to find these people if you get offended by them, but these are some of the quotes from the top comments within the past week:

  • “she needs to speak now”
  • “every time you post i think it will be intentional your dates and i'm wrong every time”
  • “I'm only voting if Hits Different is released Friday 😭”
  • “Latin America is not in its Eras Era
  • “dont be shy announce international dates”
  • “being the argumentative, antithetical dream boy that i am, it'd hit extremely different if we had a certain song out on streaming platforms this week.🤓”
  • “If she doesn’t release Hits Different I’m going to unfollow”
  • “petition for hits different to be released on spotify its been way too long”
  • “Okay cool but we NEEEEED International tour dates! We really need them 🥹”
  • “Do you know who loves listening to Taylor on playlists? International swifties be we don't have tour dates </3”
  • “Taylor needs to drop speak now, 1989, and reputation now it’s getting so annoying”
  • “I NEED Taylor to sing some more songs from debut it’s ridiculous”
  • “hey taylor nation I have a great idea to tell Taylor how abt she announces speak now tv 😍💜”

I get it, we all want more content from Taylor, we all love her, I would love it all to come out at once, but we need to stop berating her comment section. She is performing 44+ songs with full dances, no breaks, multiple nights in a row, for multiple weeks. In the past three years, she has released five entire albums (folklore, evermore, Red (TV), Fearless (TV), and Midnights), and many singles. Taylor is working her booty off and she deserves some more credit. I know it comes out of love, but that shouldn’t be every single comment. Congratulate her when she releases songs like AOTGYLB instead of asking for more, don’t say you’ll only vote if she releases what you what, and don’t whine that she didn’t pick your favorite song when she performed for three hours with little to no breaks. Over half of the comments are like this, it’s getting ridiculous. Show some respect for our queen.

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Video Full video of Russian soldiers taking a group Ukrainian prisoner. 2023 ( Now with subtitles)

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US Only FREE "Convict Trump" sticker

Thumbnail act.moveon.org

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Open relationships are cheating.


Cheating is seeing someone, outside of your significant other, for things you should receive from them i.e. sexual or emotional gratification. Open relationships are either not real relationships or cheating with permission. If you need 3 people to satisfy your needs then you either have too many needs or haven't found the right person. With the right person you shouldn't need anything from 2 other people.

Both parties agreeing to change the rules doesn't make it not cheating. Can't play house rules at the casino.

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If the homeless face no legal action here like many talk about, do you face any if you defend yourself from them?


I was smoking a blunt while walking around at night yesterday, and 3 methhead-looking guys walked up asking for a lighter. One of them was holding a crackpipe and I said I didn't have one on me because I've seen how long methheads hold the flame while lighting and I didn't wanna waste lighter fluid. His hand also had cuts and bruises or something and I didn't wanna risk getting STD-infected blood on my lighter. They said it was obvious I had one because I was smoking something, and I said I blazed at a friend's place and someone else gave me the lit blunt. They then started berating me and I responded, and then they said "shutup bitch" to my female friend while she was trying to deescalate and I reflexively told them to stfu or I'd fuck them up.

One of the guys then charged at me and I kicked his chest to send him falling backwards, then a second guy tried swinging and I dodged and right-hooked him. I then walked away while turning around occasionally to make sure they weren't following us, they were talking shit but didn't do anything more so we left peacefully.

I realize it was to stupid to engage with them and they could've had knives or guns, but if they report me would the police arrest me for assault? I've already been to jail a couple of times in BC and really don't wanna go back, especially not somewhere like Calgary where there aren't many brown guys like me and the guards might be racist and make my life hell in there. I was trying to be polite with them at first, but started getting heated because in my experience people like them typically take it as a sign of weakness when they get aggressive and you don't respond back, especially when they're tweaked out. I didn't wanna get robbed or risk my friend getting hurt.

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Discussion Spooky scorched, Holiday scorched, mole miner pails, etc. Are all the same reskinned event.


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Not the best thing for a father to be doing at the birth of his child

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NRA convention protest?

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I saw this billboard yesterday and haven’t stopped being pissed off thinking about it. How many kids have to die before something changes. I don’t even mean in school shootings exactly. I mean, how many kids are killed by guns that aren’t properly stored etc. I just feel tired and hopeless. America has a gun fetish. I think Indy letting the NRA have their conference here is a bad look. Advertising 14 acres of ~gUnS n’ gEaR~in the face of all these mass killings is gross. I plan on protesting outside the conference on 4/14 @ 10a.m. if anyone wants to join!

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Image I got level 1000 a 2nd time on this game, my stats could be better :)

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Today is Transgender Day of Visibility


Today, March 31st, is International Transgender Day of Visibility! My name is Liv (she/her). I am an Inside Apprentice, and a trans woman. If you're transgender, non-binary, two-spirit, genderfluid, agender, or any other form of gender-diverse, please know that you are not alone and you belong in the IBEW as much as anyone else! If you're an active IBEW member who is gender-diverse and you'd like to be a part of a growing support community, message me for more information!

And to all 700,000+ of our brothers and sisters, please be an ally and support your siblings. All IBEW members are here to do this work and to make a good living from it, so please recognize that we're all equal as members and siblings, and we should all be fighting for each other. Thank you.

Be safe out there, Siblings! Have a great Friday and weekend ahead!

In Solidarity and Siblinghood, Olivia "Liv"

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CoH3 You know what is more tiring? The constant defensiveness


In a subreddit that represents the whole ass game community, there should be space for those to speak their minds. Rightfully so there has been a lot of complaints about the game, but here is the thing.

You don't have to interact with it. At all.

In fact, everytime you people jump onto these threads like little rats, you simply add more fuel to the fire. And on top of doing so, you create a toxic atmosphere by trying to invalidate people's opinions. Just like the newly uploaded post with 150 likes, all it does is say a big "fuck you" to a big part of this community.

Here is what you need to do. Just. Don't. Care.

It is as simple as that. Want to interact with gameplay, discussion and design threads? Do that. No one in the whole world is forcing you to defend this game from criticism. You aren't on trial and you don't have to defend your purchase. In the same way that you should go about your day and focus on positive threads if that is what you want; you should allow those dissatisfied with a RECENTLY RELEASED PRODUCT to complain about it IN THE ACTUAL COH3 COMMUNITY SUBREDDIT.

I hate negativity as much as anyone else. And maybe I'm different for this, but what I hate more is anti-negativity. As much negativity as there has been in this subreddit since launch, a lot of it has been filled with people simply trying to brute-force prevent them from occuring by trying to gaslight the fuck out of people. Instead of wasting all of that effort in trying to convince people that "nonono, this is a good purchase"--stay in your lane. Interact with the content you want to see more of. This anti criticism parade is soooo toxic and bad for a community.

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No Spoilers My stance on SP spoilers.


I was asked in a post of mine why i am against the titles and spoilers for the novels. This is my response. I think its saddening that a minority opinion is being downcoted and berated by the community in general. These books were listed as secret peojects and sold to us as such. Here is the reasons behind my own push to avoid spoilers. I have no doubt this will be downvoted as well.

honestly, it's a mix of things, Sanderson books for me hold an extreme amount of personal value. I found his writing at a very hard age and many of his books have helped me grow and change for the better. I read way of kings at a point in my life when I was seriously considering suicide and seeing Kaladin's struggles mirroring my own so closely helped pull me away from the edge and seek the help I needed.

His books are a treasure for me with every book that comes out, I still haven't read all of the lost metal because I wanted to have another book by Sanderson I could start afterwards to avoid the general feeling of loss after finishing a new book's second or third read through to catch everything, only to then wait months for the next.

I reread the entire Cosmere every year but there is a difference between diving into stories known and cherished and the joy of an adventure as yet unknown. I had hoped to have SP1 in hand sooner and the idea of getting to read novels that are different from the world's I have come to hold so dear was extremely exciting.

The chance to open a box and see a book with no spoilers, and no knowledge of what awaits is something I came to wish for desperately during the Kickstarter. There are so few things in this world that are a genuine surprise and joy that, with the opportunity to experience that feeling as an adult, with Sanderson books no less! it's something that matters to me a great deal and something I am willing to go to mild extremes to try and achieve. I have unsubscribed from every booktuber and cosmere youtube creator, I have told YouTube not to recomend many content creators l. I will be leaving every cosmere related reddit page in the next few days to allow me my hope for a w9nder filled surprise that I have been wishing for for over a year. I dont insult or attack those different from me and would ask you all to do the same.

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Found on tiktok

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Discussion Data Nullifier Encounter is Unfun, Unfair, and Poorly-designed


I was okay with Neomuna and other legend+ difficulty setting, but Data Nullifier on Legend Avalon is an absolute nightmare and can only be compared to pre-nerf Reckoning bridge encounter.

The issues with this encounter are:

  1. Adds and snipers everywhere (snipers can go immune as well)
  2. Time limit
  3. Punishes the player for playing the objective (wyverns shooting you in the pit)
  4. Powerful enemies designed to mess up the player actions (wyverns, again)
  5. Physics on the data motes that causes them to go all over the place
  6. Server latencies that causes to just walk over the motes
  7. Buff/Debuff UI that hides the number of motes you currently hold
  8. Animation differences between depositing full motes vs. partial motes
  9. Bullet sponge boss
  10. The encounter set is motes/motes/boss/motes/motes/boss

1, 2, 3, and 4 are literal reincarnation of the bridge encounter from the Reckoning and power cap on Legend is basically glass but worse.

This encounter has so many questionable design choices. Why are we being punished for playing the objective? I deposited the motes, but if I evacuate into the pit I get bombarded by the wyverns. Ok cool, so I am supposed to get in there at around 5 seconds left? Oh well, the wyvern just kicked you off course and now you are out of time.

One of the worst design choice is to put the boss between the mote phases. The boss is just a giant hydra with metric fuck ton of health. The boss also spawns all the harpies in the town as well. After you get the boss to 60%, you gotta to that stupid mote phase again. Oh you died during the 4th mote phase? Too bad, start over from the beginning.

Once you get stuck in this encounter, it gets more unfun and even more infuriating. It's not better with other players as well. The boss is so tanky that it will take an eternity to take the boss down.

This encounter needs these changes:

  1. You can call for the data deletion early (add a button for that in the pit)
  2. Make it four phases of mote collection and then the hydra fight (no immune phases)
  3. Remove physics on the motes

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This is a childrens book🤡 NSFW

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Transgender Visability

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As today is international transgender visibility day I've chosen to post thos and celebrate impact wrestlinga Gisele Shaw, at this time more than any other the visibility of trans people is dangerous, the media will use the trans community as a distraction from the many troubles cause by the elite in society, so let's use today celebrate trans wrestlers and make wrestling a safer places for their visibility

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Cruella Johar 🐍- Flag Bearer of Nepotism Karan Johar is actually likeable...


when he's not too busy playing what he thinks people want.

also sorry for any incoherence in the post, I'm sleepy af.

his interviews with people like Baradwaj Rangan, Anupuma Chopra are legitimately good.

The man is smart and has gotten to the top despite the prejudices against his sexuality.

Sadly I don't know why he's literally become a satire of what Kangana said on KwK.

Like I feel cheated in a sense that the same guy that made some of my favourite comfort movies which are certainly timless can also be so out of touch ig.

Honestly at this point, I am too close to paying for KJo, Kangana and SRK ka therapy sessions istg.

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I have 256 hours and been selected for CS2 Beta

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MINER MEME This game literally

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