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Weekly Thread Picture/Video/GIF Thread


Post any pictures, videos, or gifs of highlights, players, coaches, stadiums, awesome plays, mascots, etc., as well as requests for any of the above here.

Note that this thread is not really for memes/image macros - check out /r/CFBMemes.

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Postseason CFB Bowl List


I made a complete list of bowls with times, channels, and teams. I figured having them in one spot would help out anyone who wants to plan their holidays around the bowl games.

Date Bowl Game Teams Time (EST) & Channel Winner
December 16th Bahamas (Nassau, Bahamas) UAB UAB vs Miami(Ohio) Miami (OH) 11:30am ESPN /r/CFB
December 16th Cure (Orlando, FL) UTSA UTSA vs Troy Troy 3:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 17th Fenway (Boston, MA) Louisville Louisville vs Cincinnati Cincinnati 11:00am ESPN /r/CFB
December 17th Celebration (Atlanta, GA) North Carolina Central NCCU vs Jackson State Jackson State 12:00pm ABC /r/CFB
December 17th New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM) BYU BYU vs SMU SMU 2:15pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 17th Jimmy Kimmel LA (Inglewood, CA) Fresno State Fresno State vs Washington State Washington State 3:30pm ABC /r/CFB
December 17th LendingTree (Mobile, AL) Rice Rice vs Southern Miss Southern Miss 5:45pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 17th Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) Oregon State Oregon State vs Florida Florida 7:30pm ABC /r/CFB
December 17th Frisco (Frisco, TX) Boise State Boise State vs North Texas North Texas 9:15pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 19th Myrtle Beach (Conway, SC) UConn Connecticut vs Marshall Marshall 2:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 20th Famous Idaho Potato (Boise, ID) Eastern Michigan Eastern Michigan vs San Jose State San José State 3:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 20th Boca Raton (Boca Raton, FL) Toledo Toledo vs Liberty Liberty 7:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 21st New Orleans (New Orleans, LA) Western Kentucky WKU vs South Alabama South Alabama 9:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 22nd Armed Forces (Fort Worth, TX) Air Force Air Force vs Baylor Baylor 7:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 23rd Independence (Shreveport, LA) Houston Houston vs Lousiana Louisiana 3:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 23rd Gasparilla (Tampa, FL) Wake Forest Wake Forest vs Missouri Missouri 6:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 24th Hawai'i (Honolulu, HI) San Diego State San Diego State vs MTSU Middle Tennessee 8:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 26th Quick Lane (Detroit, MI) New Mexico State New Mexico State vs Bowling Green Bowling Green 2:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 27th Camellia (Montgomery, AL) Buffalo Buffalo vs Georgia Southern Georgia Southern 12:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 27th First Responder (University Park, TX) Memphis Memphis vs Utah State Utah State 3:15pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 27th Birmingham (Birmingham, AL) East Carolina ECU vs Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina 6:45pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 27th Guaranteed Rate (Phoenix, AZ) Oklahoma State Oklahoma State vs Wisconsin Wisconsin 10:15pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 28th Military (Annapolis, MD) UCF UCF vs Duke Duke 2:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 28th Liberty (Memphis, TN) Kansas Kansas vs Arkansas Arkansas 5:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 28th Holiday (San Diego, CA) North Carolina North Carolina vs Oregon Oregon 8:00pm FOX /r/CFB
December 28th Texas (Houston, TX) Texas Tech Texas Tech vs Ole Miss Ole Miss 9:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 29th Pinstripe (Bronx, NY) Syracuse Syracuse vs Minnesota Minnesota 2:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 29th Cheez-It (Orlando, FL) Florida State Florida State vs Oklahoma Oklahoma 5:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 29th Alamo (San Antonio, TX) Texas Texas vs Washington Washington 9:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 30th Duke's Mayo (Charlotte, NC) NC State NC State vs Maryland Maryland 12:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 30th Sun (El Paso, TX) Pittsburgh Pittsburgh vs UCLA UCLA 2:00pm CBS /r/CFB
December 30th Gator (Jacksonville, FL) Notre Dame Notre Dame vs South Carolina South Carolina 3:30pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 30th Arizona (Tucson, AZ) Ohio Ohio vs Wyoming Wyoming 4:30pm Barstool Sports /r/CFB
December 30th Orange (Miami Gardens, FL) Clemson Clemson vs Tennessee Tennessee 8:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 31st Music City (Nashville, TN) Kentucky Kentucky vs Iowa Iowa 12:00pm ABC /r/CFB
December 31st Sugar (New Orleans, LA) Kansas State Kansas State vs Alabama Alabama 12:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 31st Fiesta Playoff Semi-Final (Glendale, AZ) Michigan Michigan vs TCU TCU 4:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
December 31st Peach Playoff Semi-Final (Atlanta, GA) Georgia Georgia vs Ohio State Ohio State 8:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
January 2nd ReliaQuest (Tampa, FL) Illinois Illinois vs Mississippi State Mississippi State 12:00pm ESPN 2 /r/CFB
January 2nd Citrus (Orlando, FL) Purdue Purdue vs LSU LSU 1:00pm ABC /r/CFB
January 2nd Cotton (Arlington, TX) Tulane Tulane vs USC USC 1:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
January 2nd Rose (Pasadena, CA) Penn State Penn State vs Utah Utah 5:00pm ESPN /r/CFB
January 9th College Football Playoff National Championship Michigan Michigan/TCU TCU vs Georgia Georgia/Ohio State Ohio State 7:30pm ESPN /r/CFB

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Casual For the first time, neither Alabama or Clemson will be in the College Football Playoff


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Recruiting Clemson QB DJ Uiagalelei is expected to enter the transfer portal.


r/CFB 12h ago Bravo! Touchdown!

Opinion CFP is about the teams that earned a playoff shot, not the 4 “most talented” teams.


I’m sick of the argument that Bama would be “x” team so they should be in the CFP… you know what, don’t lose multiple games and then sit at home on Championship weekend… earn it during the season if you’re so good.

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Satire The Orange Bowl (Beamer Bowl) will be Tennessee vs Clemson


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News Tulane vs USC in the Cotton Bowl


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Casual We need litigation to rid society of commercial-kickoff-commercial


Where my representatives at?

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Discussion Official Playoff Picture


ESPN announced the playoff #1 Georgia vs #4 Ohio State and #2 Michigan vs #3 TCU.

Personally I'm super excited for this I think this is a great playoff picture and I'm happy the committee went with these teams.

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Postseason Alabama vs Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl

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Postseason Penn State is going to the Rose Bowl!

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Discussion Opening spreads on CFP games: Georgia -6.5 vs Ohio State, Michigan -9 vs TCU


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News [Remington] Deion Sanders introduces his son Shedeur in his opening statement: “That’s your quarterback.” “He’s gonna have to earn it though. The safety (Shilo) made me mad so I didn’t bring him.” #GoBuffs

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Casual Jim Harbaugh lands HUGE $1 million bonus with Big Ten Championship Game win vs. Purdue

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Postseason Utah vs. Penn State in the Rose Bowl


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Rumor Sounding like Florida State vs. Oklahoma in the Cheez-It Bowl

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News Newburg- A source at Colorado tells me over 200 recruits and portal transfers have reached out in the last 12 hours. Some of them are 4 and 5-star caliber players. Deion Sanders has a chance to make some noise before Signing Day. NIL money is also rolling in, I'm told.


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Casual The last time Michigan played in the Fiesta Bowl their quarterback was Jim Harbaugh


He ran for 2-TDs in a 27-23 win over Nebraska

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Analysis Brian Kelly is 0-5 in conference championship, playoff, or championship games in the past decade. Average loss is by 25 points.


Phenomenal job to get teams there. He has been an underdog in each coming in, however the trend of big losses leads me to wonder if he struggles with game preparation.

I do think he can turn this around and win a big one although I wonder how many more lopsided losses before that happens.

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News Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz has entered the transfer portal.


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News Brett McMurphy on Twitter - South Carolina vs Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl

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Casual The last and only time Ohio State played Georgia was the 1993 Citrus Bowl where the Kirk Herbstreit led Buckeyes lost 21-14. TCU and Michigan have never played


I absolutely love how this year features matchups where only one of them met before and it was only once.

The Bulldogs were led by Eric Zeier that year and Garrison Hearst was the leading rusher who went on to be the No. 3 overall pick in the NFL draft and was 3rd that year in the Heisman

Ohio State was led by Herbstreit and was Eddie George’s Freshman Year, Robert Smith was the starting rusher that season.

I imagine with the expanded playoffs, Georgia and Ohio State will probably not have to go another 30 years to play each other again and the same goes for Michigan and TCU.

These will be great games.

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Postseason Washington vs. Texas in Alamo Bowl


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News [Anthony Broome] Jim Harbaugh on NFL rumors with as strong a shutdown he’s ever given: “I will enthusiastically be back as coach of the Wolverines in 2023.”

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Postseason Florida vs. Oregon State in Las Vegas Bowl


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News [Rittenberg] Asked Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy if he was disappointed not to see Ohio State in semis: "Deep down, a little bit, but hopefully we see them in the big game. It's the best of both worlds [Ohio State or Georgia], honestly, so no matter who it is, we're going to be ready for it."


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Postseason TCU is the first team to make the CFP after starting the Season without receiving any AP votes


After 2021 Michigan became the first team to make the Playoff despite being unranked in preseason, we now have the first playoff participant that started the season without any AP votes at all.

2021 Michigan had 12 points in the preseason, 52 Points after week 1 and were ranked #25 after week 2, never dropping out of the rankings after that.

2022 TCU didn't receive their first points until after they beat SMU in week 4, when one voter put them 25th. Then in week 5 they beat # 18 Oklahoma and were subsequently ranked #17.

The last time the Horned Frogs were ranked before that was in Week 3 of the 2019 season when they were #25 before losing to an SMU team that was coached by ... Sonny Dykes.