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Megathread Focused Feedback: King’s Fall


Hello Guardians,

Focused Feedback is where we take the week to focus on a 'Hot Topic' discussed extensively around the Tower.

We do this in order to consolidate Feedback, to get out all your ideas and issues surrounding the topic in one place for discussion and a source of feedback to the Vanguard.

This Thread will be active until next week when a new topic is chosen for discussion

Whilst Focused Feedback is active, ALL posts regarding 'King’s Fall' following its posting will be removed and re-directed to this thread. Exceptions to this rule are as follows: New information / developments, Guides and general questions

Any and all Feedback on the topic is welcome.

Regular Sub rules apply so please try to keep the conversation on the topic of the thread and keep it civil between contrasting ideas

A Wiki page - Focused Feedback - has also been created for the Sub as an archive for these topics going forward so they can be looked at by whoever may be interested or just a way to look through previous hot topics of the sub as time goes on.

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Megathread Weekly Loot Hub


Welcome to Loot Hub!

This is your weekly post for sharing about loot you've received, RNG woes, etc.

Comment about Loot and RNG here instead of breaking Rule 2 by making your own post!

You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.

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Discussion I'm totally over this season's grind


Cool pirate theme, interesting story direction and development, arc 3.0 is fun, weapons and perks have their own builds...BUT (i like big buts) it feels slow, grindy and repetitive when it comes to trying to zero in on triumphs and Resonant Weapon farming.

Is it just me or does this season feel a little like Season of the Hunt when it comes to the loot economy? Kinda like we took a BIG step back just for the sake of slowing player progress down. I dont mind grinding. But 4 hours of gameplay for a single Resonant seasonal weapon. cmon. (that was my yesterday)

On top of that the upgrades to the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M. are just not as helpful as last season or previous seasons. They're kinda dumb and there's no way to guarantee resonant weapons.

There's an information disconnect (classic bungie) that has most players not understanding that if they DON'T deposit the plundered treasure they can get two Ruffian kills per drill site in Expeditions (totaling 4 per game) And most players arent emoting at the end of Expeditions (it gives a chance at more loot, i.e. chances at seasonal craftable weapons).

Bungie: "Let's introduce arc 3.0 which will emphasize crazy speed, then we can drop players into Expeditions that will despawn the ONLY important enemies (Ruffians), if they complete the challenge too fast."

I love you Bungie. But nobody has time for this superficial speed gating.

Anyone else have any gripes?

What's with Map Fragments being capped at 50? What's with treasure coodinates being capped low too (500? Cost 80 per run so you cant farm long). Why doesnt Ketchcrash drop treasure coordinates so we can bounce between Ketchcrash and Expeditions, fluidly. Why is weapon focusing 12 plundered umbral energy but until the entire Star Chart is maxed, we only get 3 Umbral energy (max of 9 eventually) per run of Expeditions AND it costs 8 map fragments to focus weapon drops...AND almost NEVER drops a resonant weapon?

This season is a massive time sink. I like to grind. I love bs time consuming challenges like Whisper or Zero Hour (the good ole days), BUT this season goes overboard (pun intended) and is just too much 🤷‍♂️

I'm gonna grit my teeth and get r done but that's because im a stubborn ahole with way too much time. I feel for the mammas and the pappas with real lives, kids, who work full time.

They should make whoever paces the seasonal content walk the gangplank.


The last time Bungie responded to the issues that I addressed above was 14 days ago (as of today, Sept 26.).

Two weeks ago they said they were "looking into it."

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Bungie Suggestion Skip grenades are so ungodly bad as of right now


Skip grenades have been nerfed consistently over the last year of Destiny 2 and I feel unjustly so. When have you ever been killed by a Skip Grenade in PvP and felt, "Gosh, these Skips sure are over-powered and meta warping!"?

The 30th Anniversary update changed a lot of abilities to future proof for the Light 3.0 systems, but it started out with a hefty 28% increase to the Skip grenade's cooldown (from 82s to 105). Shinobu's Vow was also gutted with this update, decreasing the energy recovered on hit by 66% in PvP.

Update was another huge blow to Skips, reducing the impact damage by 50% (8 to 4), and reducing the tracking strength by 50% over 3 seconds.

Finally, with the Arc 3.0, I thought some functionality and synergy would be restored to the lowly Skip. NOPE! A final 15% increase in the cooldown of the Skip once more (121s from 105s, nearly 50% longer cooldown when compared to the original). No aspects to buff them. No rework to help Shinobu's. Just a cooldown increase and that was that.

So I ask, why? What did Skips do to deserve this? Is this something that can be revisited eventually?


A concerned Skip grenade enthusiast.

References: 30th Anniversary change #1: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/50880

Change #2: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/51270

Change #3: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/51707

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Discussion Master Raids should drop Artifice armor.


End of discussion.

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Bungie Suggestion 1K Voices needs a buff.


Most of the raid exotics are in a pretty good spot right now, but 1K has been left behind. It doesn’t do awful damage, but it’s powercrept by Gjallarhorn, Sleeper, Eyes of Tomorrow, Lament, and Legendary LFRs.

The damage per shot isn’t exactly the problem, it’s the awful reserves; only 7 shots! Now, I know it’s Bungie’s favorite number, but 1K shouldn’t have less than 2 magazines. It needs at least 3.

1K needs some loving, especially after Acrius and Collective got a huge glow up this season. Give the old Queen her Throne back.

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Bungie Suggestion Master Raids should drop a memento which turns crafted raid weapons into adept versions, allowing got the name change, shader and adept mod options.


This will make it easier to aquire a crafted raid weapon. As instead of having to farm for an adept red border you can instead just use the memento to change your already crafted and beloved raid weapon into its adept form. The memento could drop from the completion of a master raid once per week.

This way it still requires 5 red border weapons and a completion of the master raid (could as drop from the raid challenge) giving more if an incentive to do the master raid and the challenge and use the adept weapons without having to farm for the same weapon again on a harder difficulty.

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Guide Strength of Rasputin, the "oldest" mod, is on sale today


As in what hasn't been sold in the longest time (January 9th, almost 9 months). And the last mod this Guardian needed to complete his collection! 😁

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Discussion Leviathans breath isn’t cool enough for its own lore .


Leviathans breath is a fun exotic that feels more in line with D1 exotics in how the only “exotic” part of it is that it’s in a weapon slot that is not normally associated with ,which for a weapon that if the lore is to be believed is capable of killing Ahamkaras and could have killed Ghaul but in reality struggles to feel anymore powerful then rocket launchers which has superior usage considering they can be used in more dynamic situations.

My suggestion now is for leviathans breath a bow that looks as if it’s made from a car engine to “build tension” by over drawing the arrow this would have a stacking damage boost while the arrow is knocked, up to a potential 3x damage which if paired with the Oathkeeper hunter exotic would increase to a potential 4x damage(because those gauntlets need a synergy). This buff in concept increases the draw time pretty drastically but rewards it with an incredibly high spike damage but still average DPS over time, this buff would see any situation where the damage duration is brief like Atraks-1 or gambit bosses being a solid choice. The hope of this being something to diversify the current boss Dps meta as we’re leading into a period of pretty boring stagnation and provide a fun exciting risk/reward exotic.

TLDR: give leviathans breath a stacking damage boost for holding the arrow drawn so it can deal massive spike damage but trash dps over time and offer utility.

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Discussion There should be a simple icon telling me if Mods work in PvP or not


I tried to create a PvP Build lately and man, it is a pain to find out what Armor Mods actually work in PvP and which don't. First off Resiliance works totally different for PvP, and the game doesn't really tell you about that at all. Damage Resistance Mods (Arc, Solar, Void) do not work in PvP - the game doesn't tell you at all. Then, a recommended Mod from many guides is the Scavenger Mod for Legs, until I found it it was disabled recently. The information about Shield Break Charge is fuzzy at least (I guess it doesn't work) and you have to really research which Charged-with-Light Mods work, and which don't. You can't spawn Elemental Wells in PvP at all (while some Elemental-Well Mods have "Don't work in Crucible" in the description, most of them doesn't have that info) -but that you will find that out yourself after one or two failed matches in crucible. But it's still a lot of reasearch and try and error to find that mods that work and are actually useful in PvP.

So why not, at least, put a small Icon or unified Text in every Amror and Weapon Mod that just tells you: Works in PvP - or not. Think about the new players. Can't be that hard, can it?

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Bungie Suggestion Benefits of the Warlock Heat Rises Aspect Compared To Other Subclasses Aspects. Detailed Constructive Feedback of the Heat Rises Aspect.



Do not confuse the Heat Rises Status with the Heat Rises Aspect. I understand the Developers' vision for Dawnblade and the concept of airborne combat is amazing but it needs some adjustments because the current state of the game makes airborne combat not user-friendly.

Please take some time to read everything in this post. Thank you in advance.

This post will only focus on the properties of the Heat Rises Aspect without factoring in Exotics, additional Dawnblade Abilities, Aspects and Fragments.

The Heat Rises Aspect grants the user three main perks:

  • Grants usage for abilities and weapons while using the Glide Jump Ability.
  • Kills while airborne grant Melee Ability energy, depending on the Enemy Tier:
    • Enemy Guardians: 50%
    • Default Low Tier Mobs: 20%
      • Examples: (Shanks, Dregs, Thralls)
    • Default Medium Tier Mobs: 25%
      • Examples: (Vandals, Acolytes, Goblins)
    • Default High Tier Mobs: 35%
      • Examples: (Servitors, Knights, Wizards, Minotaurs, Cabal)
    • If the Mob is a Major/Champion/Boss, +15% to the above.
  • Hold [Grenade Ability] input to consume Grenade Ability, which grants the following:
    • Grants the user and any nearby allies within 9 metres:
      • Cure x2
      • Cure x3 (If Healing Grenade is equipped)
      • Cure x3 and Restoration x1 (If Healing Grenade with Touch of Flame Aspect is equipped)
    • Enter Heat Rises Status:
      • +70 airborne effectiveness to any weapon equipped.
      • Enhances Glide Jump Ability: (Unlimited uptime and better aerial control.)
      • Glide Jump Ability elevation gradually decreases, so Glide needs to be manually deactivated and reactivated to maintain elevation.
      • Kills while airborne during the Heat Rises Mode extended the duration of Heat Rises by 5 to 15 seconds, depending on the Enemy Tier.
      • If Phoenix Dive Class Ability is equipped and used during the Heat Rises Status, Phoenix Dive grants the user Restoration x2 for 1 second upon activation and causes 40 stacks of Scorch upon landing.
      • If Burst Glide is equipped, Heat Rises Status will remove the initial burst of speed when Glide is activated.


The issue is that there is not much incentive in PVE to maintain/refresh the Heat Rises Status after consuming your Grenade Ability because both airborne combat and Heat Rises Status provide no benefits to the player.


  • Players do not need to be under or maintain the Heat Rises Status to use the following:
    • Grants usage for abilities and weapons while using the Glide Jump Ability.
    • Grants Melee Ability energy on airborne kills.
    • Consume Grenade Ability for emergency healing for the user or surrounding allies.
  • Players will just jump or use Glide near the ground to gain melee energy while killing.
  • Players usually consume the grenade for emergency healing and will basically ignore maintaining the Heat Rises Status.
  • Consuming Grenade Ability while under the Heat Rises Status, will not add 15 seconds and will instead reset the count back to 15 seconds.
  • Even when using the Meta Exotic Starfire Protocol Build, players rarely go airborne since they are grounded in your Empowering Rift to regenerate energy for the Fusion Grenade Ability.
  • Airborne combat usually puts you at a disadvantage, and this is further highlighted in Endgame content. As being in the air makes you the attraction of the room full of enemies, most Warlocks will just go airborne near the ground to get the benefits of the Heat Rises Aspect, ignoring the intended gameplay purpose from the Bungie developers of soaring into the air.
  • Players using Burst Glide are punished because Heat Rises Status will remove the initial burst of speed when activating Glide. Heat Rises Status benefits more to players using Strafe or Balanced Glide.
  • Player's location is marked on the radar while Heat Rises Status. Understandable for PVP but why PVE? Maybe this is why PVE Combatants target Warlocks with the Heat Rises Status more frequently?

The amount of effort the player has to make for airborne combat after sacrificing the Grenade Ability to enter the Heat Rises Status is not worth the trade, unless you are using Sunbracers.

Ironically, the primary use for the Heat Rises Status is for game exploiting purposes by getting enhanced Glide for Wellskate or to go out of bounds in maps.

Those people that say PVE airborne combat is fine are overleveled Guardians in Patrols killing dregs and thralls who basically die to anything.

Base Comparisons to Other Subclass Aspects

Titan Aspects

  • Reasons to maintain/refresh the Roaring Flames Status when using Roaring Flames Aspect:
    • Base Melee does Solar damage, and applies Scorch on hit.
    • Increase Solar Ability damage, stacks up to 3 times.
      • Roaring Flames x1 = 20% damage increase.
      • Roaring Flames x2 = 44% damage increase.
      • Roaring Flames x3 = 73% damage increase.
  • Reasons to maintain/refresh the Knockout Status when using Knockout Aspect:
    • Base Melee does Arc damage.
    • Increased melee damage by 25%?
    • Gain health regeneration on Melee kills.
  • Reasons to maintain/refresh the Void Overshield Status when using Offensive Bulwark Aspect:
    • Base Melee does Void damage.
    • Increase melee damage by 20%.
    • Increase melee range.
    • Increase Grenade Ability regeneration by 5 times.

Hunter Aspects

  • Reasons to maintain/refresh the On Your Mark Status when using On Your Mark Aspect:
    • Increase reload speed for weapons.
    • Increase handing speed for weapons.
    • Benefit allies within 15 metres.
  • Reasons to maintain/refresh the Amplify Status when using Flowstate Aspect:
    • Class Ability recharges 3 times faster.
    • Gain damage resistance during Class Ability.
    • Increase reload speed for weapons.
  • Reasons to maintain/refresh the Void Invisibility Status when using Stylish Executioner Aspect:
    • Increase the next melee damage by 150%.
    • Base Melee applies the Weaken Status on the target for 3 seconds

Warlock Aspects

  • Reasons to maintain/refresh the Devour Status when using Devour Aspect:
    • Gain instant full health on any kills.
    • Gain 16% Grenade Ability energy per kill.
  • Reasons to maintain/refresh the Heat Rises Status when using Heat Rises Aspect:
    • Gain +70 airborne effectiveness of all weapons.
    • Gain "infinite" Glide Jump Ability.
    • Glide is swapped to Strafe Glide if Burst Glide is equipped, losing the initial burst of speed.
    • Marks your location on the radar in PVE and PVP.

Compared to the Aspects that grant a status above, there is no benefit to maintain/refresh the Heat Rises Status. You can get the benefits of the Heat Rises Aspect without maintaining the Heat Rises Status.

The player will actually receive some drawbacks while under Heat Rises Status.

  • Burst Glide users are punished.
  • Taking a major risk to go airborne to combat without rewards.

Therefore, you are just paving a better way to your death by putting effort to maintain the status.

However, there are some incentives to maintain/refresh the Heat Rises Status only if the player is using the following abilities:

  • Phoenix Dive Class Ability
    • Grants only to the player Restoration x2 upon activation.
    • Applies 40 Stacks of Scorch to surrounding targets upon landing.
  • Icarus Dash Aspect
    • Grants the user 2 charges.
    • Increases cooldown from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.

This shows that Heat Rises Status is required to be paired with specific Dawnblade abilities to make it more relevant to maintain/refresh.

Other Subclasses Aspects are good as a base/standalone without any side abilities to power them up while Heat Rises Status from Heat Rises Aspect requires a specific Class Ability and Aspect to make it have something.

The Heat Rises Status should have some incentive without requiring Phoenix Dive and Icarus Dash Aspect.

  • Phoenix Dive Class Ability
    • Beneficial with Heat Rises Status, but that does not fix the airborne issue.
    • Not all Warlocks are using Phoenix Dive, as some are using Healing or Empowering Rift. So are players losing out if they are not using Phoenix Dive?
  • Icarus Dash Aspect
    • What if players are using the Heat Rises Aspect and Touch of Flame Aspect? Are players losing out?
    • Are players required to always use Heat Rises Aspect with the Icarus Dash Aspect just to add relevance to Heat Rises Status?
    • This also highlights another problem when players pair Touch of Flame Aspect and Icarus Dash Aspect, which I will explain at another time.

Adjustments to Heat Rises Status

I proposed the following suggestions to make maintaining the Heat Rises Status more viable:

  • While Heat Rises Status is active:
    • Grenade, Melee and Class Ability recharge more rapidly. (Sunsinger Radiance):
      • PVE) Abilities recharge 200% faster.
      • PVP) Abilities recharge 2% faster. (For balance.)
    • Now grants 10% damage reduction only in PVE.
    • Enemy projectile tracking is reduced only in PVE.
    • Consuming Grenade Ability will add 15 seconds to the timer instead of resetting.


  • With your abilities recharging faster under the Heat Rises Status, the fantasy of an angel that brings destruction or restoration to the battlefield can be true. Warlocks can finally rain Solar abilities like the casters they are:
    • Heat Rises Aspect now synergies well with Touch of Flame Aspect, as it allows your enhanced Grenade Ability to recharge faster.
    • Phoenix Dive or Rift can recharge faster.
    • Beneficial for Warlock Healers who wish to rapidly heal their teammates, and can provide more if they have the specific Fragments in their builds while maintaining the Heat Rises Status by getting airborne kills:
      • Warlock consumes Grenade Ability to cure allies and activate Heat Rises Status.
      • Ember of Benevolence activates and with Heat Rises Status, the ability regeneration rate increases stacks.
      • Warlock casts Rift for allies to activate Ember of Benevolence again.
      • Warlock gets a Solar melee hit to apply Radiant on allies which activate Ember of Benevolence and Singeing.
      • Grenade Ability should have recharged by now.
      • If the warlock wishes to maintain the regeneration rate, he just has to put in the effort and get airborne kills to maintain and extend Heat Rises Status.
      • Repeat.
  • PVE Airborne combat is now viable and will be a good considerable trade since the Heat Rises Status grants:
    • Damage reduction.
    • Reduced enemy projectile tracking.

I feel that with these changes, there is a reason to go airborne to maintain/refresh the Heat Rises Status after consuming your Grenade Ability.

(Also please fix Celestial Fire's Scorch not being registered as a Solar Melee kill in order to activate Sunbracers.)

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Discussion If Destiny had a show, would you prefer it to be live-action or an animation?


Title. EDIT: After looking at a lot of the comments, it seems a lot of people seem to favor an anime, especially after Edgerunners and Arcane, both amazing shows, which is totally cool. However, while I am impartial, I would like to raise to you all the official live action trailer for destiny 2. Would you be happy with a series of that quality?

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Discussion Grasp of Avarice would’ve been the perfect season finale activity

  • Fighting Pirate Lords to retrieve relics that corrupt people

  • Grasp of Avarice revolves around a Fireteam that was driven mad by greed and addiction to plundering.

  • A Fallen Pirate Lord is now in control of the loot deep within the Cosmodrome

  • Very easy to have made the final loot as a relic of Darkness and the final piece needed in our current story.

I dunno. I just thought they fit thematically and easily can be connected to each other.

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Discussion When it was discovered that Phoenix Dive healed you more based on your framerate, it was fixed within a month. Ground fire, hive boomers and a handful of other damage sources still damage you more based on your framerate and the big post made about it was almost a year ago. What is the excuse?


I am aware that it was fixed for Cabal slugs and Shrieker projectiles, however it was never fixed for anything else which is especially clear from testing.

I get it, game design/development and coding is hard. But once again when it benefited players it was patched almost immediately, whereas we've gone over a year with certain endgame activities like GM's being made significantly harder because you take more damage just for having a high framerate. Master Lightblade a couple weeks ago was especially noticeable with the amount of hive boomers being used by enemies there.

It would be nice if there was some communication from Bungie and we at least got some acknowledgement that they're aware that the problem still exists. Because it genuinely feels like they've just hoped we forgot about it and never bothered to try fixing the rest of the damage sources and stopped at Shrieker projectiles and Cabal slugs.

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Discussion Elsie and Anna Bray on Europa...


In the movie Frozen, Elsa has mastered powerful ice magic, and is distant to her sister Anna for safety reasons. The setting is a winter wonderland. Their parents are gone and the younger sister seeks to reconcile their friendship while the older one is distant...

r/DestinyTheGame 11h ago

Discussion We know about the God Rolls but tell me about your Peasant Rolls


I want the worst of the worst. What is the most egregious perk combinations you’ve seen on a gun? I’m talking F minus.

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Question How can warlocks benefit the team?


Just started playing Destiny a few weeks ago, been watching a ton of videos to learn about the game and how things work, I’m 100% hooked.

I’m a Warlock main (void), and I get that there’s no set role for each class like WoW had, tank, healer, dps.

I’m just curious what makes a warlock a good teammate. I haven’t gotten into any raids/dungeons yet, still trying to raise my light level and grab better gear.

But when I do, what should I do as a warlock to benefit the fireteam the most?

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Bungie Suggestion Firepower should give more grenade energy than the Kickstart.


Firepower consumes one CWL stack when you throw your grenade and gives you 15% energy back per Firepower mod equipped.

Grenade Kickstart gives you 15% Energy, 25% if doubled. chances are you dont have 2 grenade charges so for a lot of people that is as FREE as it can get.

Heavy handed does the same thing as Firepower, but gives 50% for melee abilities. (and also provides fusions/shotguns with a lot of free ammo) and doesnt stack.

Kickstart, for which you have to do nothing should not be better than the mod that consumes your CWL. I would say buff it to 20% energy per Firepower.

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Bungie Suggestion it would be cool if Verity's brow had an ornament similar to Xivu's headpiece


I know it wont happen... Since verity is cursed to never get an ornament bc Bungo is ocupied making the the eleventh transversive steps's ornament.. But, I think that verity's bone aesthetic could work really great with a xivu ornament (given that the Hive bones kinda look aligned to the art We've goten of her)...

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Discussion Lightweight Bows Still Feel Terrible In Pvp


I tried every adept godroll of Whistler's Whim to try and make it work and its just horrible on m and k.

In a game of control using an opening shot roll I whiffed 3 body shots in 2 minutes time. Like I had the reticle on the target, it shot, the shit made the sound like it hit, and no damage popped up.

I love the concept of a bow you don't need to hot swap, but my god this feels so inferior to the precision frames it's unbelievable.

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Question What’s “your” go-to shader?


Divinity’s Caress for me. It makes all the weapons “timelost” and the contrast between the silver/purple is beautiful.

Edit: "your" is in quotes because we all have that one (or multiple) shader or exotic(s) that we claim as our own.

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Guide Didn't find any good breakdowns on different ability cooldowns, so decided to do my own spreadsheet. You can use it to compare cooldowns of different abilities on different tiers to better decide on your stat splits


I took into account every ability that has "Base Cooldown" property, including the fragments like Tempest Strike, and checked how it interacts with different abilities. If it's not in the sheet - it wasn't included because it doesn't have Base Cooldown and doesn't affect ability cooldowns in any way (Solar Titan's Consecration for example). I will try to keep it up to date with any upcoming updates.


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SGA Daily PvE modifiers are no longer on a set rotation (and Grenadier seems to be rarer than the others)


It used to be that the four PvE playlist modifiers had a standard 1-2-3-4 type rotation, but this no longer seems to be the case.

The past month has had:

September 26th stasis singe

Sept 25th heavyweight

Sept 24th brawler

Sept 23rd stasis singe

Sept 22nd brawler

Sept 21st heavyweight

Sept 20th stasis singe

Sept 19th heavyweight

Sept 18th brawler

Sept 17th heavyweight

Sept 16th grenadier

Sept 15th heavyweight

Sept 14th brawler

Sept 13th stasis singe

Sept 12th heavyweight

Sept 11th stasis singe

Sept 10th brawler

Sept 9th heavyweight

Sept 8th stasis singe

Sept 7th grenadier

Sept 6th stasis singe

Sept 5th grenadier

Sept 4th stasis singe

Sept 3rd grenadier

Sept 2nd brawler

Sept 1st grenadier

Aug 31st brawler

Aug 30th stasis singe

Aug 29th heavyweight

Aug 28th grenadier

Aug 27th heavyweight

Aug 26th stasis singe

So from August 26th to September 26th we have had a total of:

  • Grenadier six (6) times

  • Brawler seven (7) times

  • Heavyweight nine (9) times

  • Stasis Singe ten (10) times

With no standardized pattern (at least none that was apparent to me)

Ok, enough data, now onto opinion.

Does it matter? Strikes and PsiOps etc. are really easy, so you can argue "you don't need it, get over yourself" right?

The other side to that argument is that this content is also really really boring and repetitive, with the only "challenge" being to stay awake, so interesting modifiers like Grenadier and Brawler are what make the PvE playlists any fun in the first place.

Having an unbalance in which modifier shows up anti-fun. Having a random modifier every day instead of a set rotation is anti-fun.

(Damnit I want to play PsiOps and Strikes to farm up good high spike stat umbral armor, but without a good modifier it's like pulling teeth and I end up just sleeping in Containment.)


What do you guys think of Stasis Singe? I think it's not interesting in the slightest; it could be active every day and I wouldn't even notice. Brawler, Grenadier, and Heavyweight all change how I play in a fun way, but Stasis Singe is just there for easy pinnacle. Is there some build that plays different with Singe that I'm just unaware of?

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Discussion Seasonal Grind: Theory on Red Borders


So, there have been plenty of posts calling out the ridiculous grind this season to obtain all patterns for the seasonal weapons, and how there doesn't seem to be a way to focus specific ones like past seasons.

However, I haven't seen anyone mention the Rumored Treasure map upgrade that will be available as of tomorrow at reset, once you collect 2 more repute (need 11 upgrades unlocked, and so it'll be available for the 12th). I have a theory that this map is the one that will allow us to get a specific red border weapon.

Also, notice how there's upgrade for a red border weapon from Ketchcrash (albeit random), but nothing for Expeditions?

It also specifies that we'll only be able to use the Rumored Treasure map ONCE per week. Sound familiar?

Either way, we'll all know for sure in less than 24 hours. All I know is I've been spending WAY too much time grinding out these weapon patterns.

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Discussion Do you guys think making dares drop a paraversal haul for a completion would be better than 3 strange coins?


I’ve been farming dares lately because my favorite 180 and the only warmind cell guns are in it. This will be a point later. Anyways, I got 300 glimmer from a paraversal haul. After that happened, I was like, “Bungie should just make a haul drop at the end of each completion instead”

If you can get 300 glimmer from something that costs THREE RUNS OF DARES (20-40 minutes) then I think they should just make paraversal hauls the normal drop.

Not to mention that some of the strongest weapons still remain in dares! Main Ingredient, True Prophecy, guns like that. The only way to GET those guns is by mindlessly doing dares and praying for a good roll, which I think is insanely stupid.

First, you have to consider the giant amount of loot in each loot pool. One rotation has THREE SETS OF ARMOR! It’s almost impossible to get weapons during that rotation. Second, you only get three strange coins each run. Three. You can buy an engram with that 3, but it is a also still probably a piece of armor!

I think if they added hauls as a reward instead of strange coins, dares would be much more rewarding.

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Discussion Some perk ideas that have been floating around in my head


Resurrection (Deep Stone Crypt: Origin Trait)

When at critical health, final blows with this weapon grant an overshield.

Revengeance (Deep Stone Crypt: Bequest)

Projectiles blocked immediately after guarding are reflected back at the attacker.

Tithe (Garden of Salvation: Origin Trait)

Kills with this weapon have a high chance of generating a matching Elemental Well.

Sacrifice (Garden of Salvation: Zealot’s Reward, Prophet of Doom)

Collecting ammo bricks when this weapon is fully loaded provides the ammo to allies and overflows the magazine.

Faith (Garden of Salvation: Primary Weapons)

This weapon has reduced aim assistance, but much greater stability.

Censor (Garden of Salvation: Primary Weapons, Omniscient Eye)

This weapon deals increased damage to stationary or frozen enemies.

Touch of Queensfoil (Last Wish: Origin Trait)

This weapon’s scope highlights enemies within range. Damaging enemies causes them to briefly remain highlighted.

Anthem Anatheme (Last Wish: Secondary/Heavy Weapons)

Ammo bricks provide this weapon with additional ammo.

Wayfinder (Last Wish: Apex Predator, Tyranny of Heaven)

This weapon’s projectiles have innate homing, and increased velocity.

Crow’s Flight (Last Wish: Techeun Force, The Supremacy)

Kills with this weapon increase reload speed, handling, and sprint speed for a brief duration.

Gremlin Rounds (Last Wish: Transfiguration, Nation of Beasts)

Precision hits with this weapon cause the next shot to fire twin rounds. Additional bullets are inaccurate.

Corruption (Last Wish: Chattering Bone, Age Old Bond)

Sustained fire from this weapon Blights the target.

Disruption (Vault of Glass: Origin Trait)

This weapon deals more damage to vehicles and oracles.

MIRV Mini (Vault of Glass: Hezen Vengeance)

After traveling a short distance, this weapon’s projectiles split into 3 smaller rockets. Impact and velocity are increased upon splitting.

Cocoon (King’s Fall)

While stowed, this weapon will slowly reload from reserves. When fully loaded, final blows with other weapons will overflow the magazine.

Will of Light (King’s Fall)

Final blows with this weapon have a greater chance of spawning Orbs of Power. This weapon deals significantly more damage while charged with light. Improved damage against Taken enemies.

Iron Confidence (Iron Banner: Precision Weapons)

Increases handling at the cost of aim assistance.

Iron Armor (Iron Banner: Heavy Weapons)

Reduced flinching at the cost of reload speed.

Iron Clad (Iron Banner: Semiautomatic Weapons)

Reduced fire rate; bullets deal a greater amount of flinch to enemies.

Cranial Calibration (Primary Weapons)

Significantly reduces initial aim assistance. Precision hits significantly increase it. Effect is cleared upon reloading or holstering this weapon.

Belt Mag (LMGs)

Ammunition is drawn directly from reserves; sustained fire reduces rate of fire.

Mobile Claymore (Aggressive Shotguns)

This weapon’s pellets have reduced vertical spread and significantly increased horizontal spread.

Panic Attack (LIghtweight Shotguns)

Hitting an enemy with every pellet in a shot significantly increases the next shot’s rate of fire; randomized recoil.

Gunboat (Grenade Launchers/Rocket Launchers)

Explosives from this weapon knock the wielder back further; self-damage is significantly reduced.

Backstab (Secondary Weapons)

Increased damage to unalerted enemies; reduced noise.

Bloodhound (Combat Bows)

Hits mark enemies on your radar at a greater distance for a moderate duration.

Guillotine (Precision Weapons)

Significantly increases precision damage to enemies with full health.

Marshall (Primary Weapons)

Precision kills moderately increase rate of fire; expires upon reloading.

Posse (Kinetic Weapons)

Your allies can trigger any other perks on this weapon.

Brainstorm (Arc Weapons)

Precision kills cause the target to chain lightning to nearby enemies.

Roche Limit (Void Weapons)

Precision kills create a small burst of suppressing Void damage.

Cooling Down (Stasis Weapons)

Final blows with this weapon reduce flinching and vertical recoil for an extended duration.

Blunt Edge (Swords)

Reduced Impact; heavy attacks blind enemies.

Butcher (Glaives)

Melee kills increase melee attack speed.

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Question For PVE, what is the best flavor (exotic) of Voidlock?


Would it be Nezarec's Sin or Contraverse Hold? Or another exotic?

Would I use Child of the Old Gods or Chaos Accelerant?