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History EBS: Russia - Ukraine War


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Could AI programs like ChatGPT be a foundation for the devolution of humanity?

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Pop Culture EBS: Banning TikTok


Would appreciate any info regarding the United States specifically, or in general

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Culture How is trans lesbians/gays not a direct contradiction of homosexuality? NSFW


Homesexuality, as i understood growing up was a likeness towards your own sex because you wanted a dick( in case of gays) and vagina( in case of Lesbians). that's why when someone like I approached a lesbian, they would say no because they weren't interested in a penis.

if trans lesbians/gays are really a thing, doesn't that challenge the basic premise. doesn't it also validate those creepy dudes who told lesbians that they are just saying that they're lesbians because they haven't tried "his dick yet" or that "he can change them

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History Did Tyre Nichols resist arrest or not? NSFW


I'm genuinely asking, because I'm confused on what people are saying.

Some people are saying he didn't follow police instructions when they were given. They told him to get out, he didn't, i.e. he resisted. They told him to get his hands back, he didn't, i.e. he resisted. He ran off away from custody, which is resisting.

Others are saying he didn't resist anything because he shouldn't have been pulled over in the first place, or the cops had no right to pull him out of his car, etc.

I don't understand, was he "resisting arrest" or not?? As someone with no knowledge of the law, and only a family hisrtory of police abuse, refusing to comply and running away sounds like resisting.

I would like to point out that I'm looking for an actual objective answer here, maybe even some legalese. Not just "watch the vid" or "it doesn't matter".

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History Middle East - Israel vs Palestine: What are the Opposing Views? Why do they keep fighting?


I live in the US and don't know really anything about the Middle East but I want to learn. We hear stories on the news occasionally about Israel fighting with Palestine but it seems like the media here mostly support Israel. Then I go online and see people supporting Palestine and trashing Israel. Can someone please explain the views of both sides to a dumb American? Why they are still fighting each other today? Will they ever stop fighting or will this just continue until one side is gone?

Thank you to anyone who posts an answer. I've always wanted to know about this but didn't know who to ask so once I found this sub, I figured this would be the best place. If I should post this somewhere else, please let me know.

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Public Policy Rent Control: Positive or Negative for Renters?


I am of the opinion that rent control would be better for renters with huge cost of living crisis in major metropolitan areas (Am from Vancouver, moved to the UK near London, where rent in both places is out of control). However, I always hear the argument that rent control would hurt renters in the long run. What are the pros and cons of rent control?

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Economics In 2023, the USA will default on its debt. Congress will fail to raise the debt ceiling.


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Culture Simple Living vs Hustle Culture


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Dating apps are categorised wrongly


Why are apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Grindr categorised as dating apps? When in reality most of the people use them only for hook-ups, causal relationships and FWBs only. Sure there are some exceptional cases where people meet and get into happy and healthy long term relationships. But that's not the case for the majority. It would save a lot of people so much time (and also save the self esteem and worth of men who get into these dating apps in hope of finding a relationship but then get depressed and develop these negative viewpoints towards women) if we started using the right vernacular for these apps. Just a thought that I decided to share and expand my critical thinking by sharing it with other people and hearing their opinions.

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Culture EBS: Banning use of mobile devices at concerts, comedy shows or other live events.


Jack White, and in some shows, Dave Chappelle have banned the use of cell phones at their shows. They have employed the use of Yondr pouches, which you’d use to lock in your device, and they’re remotely unlocked (or unlocked by a staff member via key) before you leave the venue.


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pro vs cons of legalizing safe prostitution.


This is a topic me and my wife were discussing earlier today and I wanted others opinions on the matter of legalizing M/F prostitution, and what the pros and cons of it are. We had came up with some ideas on both sides but we both came to the conclusion that legalizing it with the right structure would save both time and money on law enforcement side and also generate large portions of revenue for the government. Adult entertainment in the form of gentleman's clubs have proved this theory to some degree but if held to a higher standard could provide safer work environments and overall happier people. Please I want to hear both sides to this "debate" from both women and men!

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Public Policy Stand Your Ground vs. Duty to Retreat


Context: Stand your ground law provides that people may use deadly force when they reasonably believe it to be necessary to defend against certain violent crimes. Under such a law, people have no duty to retreat before using deadly force in self-defense, so long as they are in a place where they are lawfully present. Conversely, duty to retreat is a legal requirement that a threatened person cannot harm another in self-defense (especially lethal force) when it is possible to instead retreat to a place of safety. Both laws are used among various states in the US.

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Blaming People Because They Have COVID


I have ran into numerous situations where people who got covid were told this was their fault. Is this even right to begin with? I personally want to see both sides of this. Disclaimer: I don't think it is fair but I want to see everyone's opinions.

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Technology Revolver or Semi-Automatic?


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Why is the UN so obsessed with Israel but ignores far worse things? Explain the UN?


Full disclosure: I am not a Jew, but am dating a zionist Jew. I am from Iraq, currently living in the US.

So, 6m dead in Congo, 500k in Syria, 2m murdered by the US in Iraq and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Why does the world care so much about Israel, despite the entire conflict having less than 70k dead in more than x10 time than the things I mentioned?

Seems wholly disproportional. My bf says "if you consider how often this comes up, you'd think that every third person is a Jew"

Is this just global anti-Semitism, or...?

To clarify: explain the UN?

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Governance EBS: Sortition


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Pop Culture EBS: Buying Harry Potter products means you hate trans people vs it doesn’t mean you hate trans people.


I’ve been hearing this argument lately but didn’t find it being talked about in this sub yet. Thanks for your input.

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Science Renewable Energy is not what it's cracked up to be


I apologize for the informal title. I'm not asking about climate change, as I know that's already a fact. Moreso I'm asking about current forms of sustainable energy, as I've heard that they don't fulfil the intended purpose. They either output very little energy or the production itself has a huge impact on the environment, and that in our current state we still haven't found the "solution".

I'm not asking if it's possible or not in the future (any info would be helpful), so the gist is are current forms of renewable energy sustainable, and do they fulfil their intended purpose?

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Economics EBS: 2022 massive economic sanctions backfire on the EU / really hurt the Russian economy


This year, Germany drastically reduced imports of gas and oil and other resources from Russia, which could not but affect heating prices and the general state of German industry. Nevertheless, German authorities claim that the difficulties are temporary and the German economy will soon be able to adapt to the new conditions. Who will find a way out of this situation faster: Russia, which will switch to China, or the European Union, which will restructure its economic relations by finding other partners?

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History Was the Brittney Griner trade fair?


I am seeing a wide range of opinions that don't seem to have coalesced into clear "sides," with some opinions overlapping. People have objected that Griner wasn't "worth it," that she didn't deserve it, or that the trade was a diplomatic error. These objections have been dismissed as double standards, a misunderstanding of how previous prisoner trades have worked, or a lack of sympathy for Griner.

What are the key points that are actually dividing people?

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Economics Emotions aside, is renting equivalent to throwing away money?


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Culture Does beauty matter?


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Ethics Is eating meat morally justified?


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Public Policy Should bodycams be required for all police officers on duty?