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What is r/fuckcars answer to rural areas?


Like are we just supposed to go back to riding horses?

EDIT: for those telling me to post this on their sub i’m pretty sure they banned me a while ago, so that’s why i’m asking here.

EDIT 2: I’m Canadian by the way, for everyone assuming that i’m asking this from an American perceptive.

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I’m in charge of making a playlist for a party for a bunch of 45-60 year olds (parents and their friends) what songs are a must include?


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How will Ukraine pay for all the arms they have been given from other countries once the war is over? Or are they “gifts” that will require political “favours” in return?


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Girl I met at a bar last night doesn't want to leave apartment


As the title says, after a bit of flirting and kissing at the bar, I brought her to my place and we had some fun. Now it's early in the morning and I'll have to work in 1 hour and she doesn't want to leave because it's 'early and she needs time to wake up'. I don't want to leave someone I barely know alone with my stuff let alone my cat. What should I do, grab her and shove her out? Call the cops? Or has anyone a nice and persuasive way of giving her the message?

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Why is Reddit's answer to every out of norm behaviour therapy?


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For people who are colour blind, if they were in a room lit only by led's of the colour they can't see, does the room appear to be completely dark to them?


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Is it normal for guys to pee outside?


My fiancé pees outside and I don’t understand why? He will pee in the back yard even though we have a bathroom. When I ask him he says “the rocks need my help” can someone explain?

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can anyone else control a rumbling in their ears?


I asked a few people about this and they all looked at me like I'm retarded. Idk what muscle it is but if I do a very specific facial contraction that feels by my ears, I get a sorta rumbling sound in my ears like buurrrurrrurrr. And it's prolonged as long as I do this contraction.

Am I retarded? Super powers? Or is this a normal thing?

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Why, in Canada, were activists fighting for women to wear a hijab, while in Iran - they're fighting for women to not wear the hijab?


I know. Am Stupid. Just can't quite grasp why they fight to wear it in Canada, but protest against it in Iran.

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Would Putin death stop the war?


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I am interested in the real reason for Russia's war in Ukraine. I would appreciate an educated explanation, not what the media tell us. Many thanks.


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Go pick my gf from the airport or attending friends birthday


Hello. My girlfriend and I are having a debate…..One of my better colleagues is celebrating a 25th birthday, which I would very much like to attend on the same evening that my girlfriend needs a ride from Venice airport (3 hours ride one way). She arrives at 10pm and has GoOpti available for a very reasonable price.

She says that I should pick her up, because she arrives very late and since I am her boyfriend, it should be normal.

What do you think?

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Why do parents freak out if a teenager is suddenly quiet and withdrawn?


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Unanswered How real is the cultural stigma of "living with your parents" in the west?


As someone originally lived in the states but moved back to my parent's home country as a kid, one of the main cultural gaps that stood out to me is how widely propagated this idea of the nuclear family is in the west. There seems to be a everpresent and powerful motivation to move out, whether it's at 18 or after college to "become independent" etc.

This directly contrasts how in most asian countries, parents will often expect their child to live with them through adulthood regardless of financial situation, more as a sign of familial affection than a transactional exchange (the idea of paying rent to your parents is absurd here)

for example, my younger brother is in his mid 20s, very successful in a tech career but lives with our parents and they couldn't be happier

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Unanswered Why is the Electoral College defended?


With midterms coming up in the U.S., the age-old topic of the EC being useless is coming back. I've heard responses to the notion that the EC should be abolished with the point that "people in NY, TX and CA would run the country", but if it switches to a popular vote system, I simply don't see how that's true? Everyone's vote would be equal to one another, and currently, couldn't the point be made that a Nebraska vote is worth more than a New Yorkers vote? Is there truth to this idea, or is it more posturing to maintain the status quo?

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If Billy Joel released part 2 of We Didn't Start The Fire (1990-today), what would some rhymes/topic combos?


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Answered Are people really not using high school geometry in everyday life?


I often see people joke that high school math is a waste because “no one uses geometry in real life”, and I am so confused!

I use geometry regularly to hang art, manage my garden, plan the layout of furniture and lighting my home, and even organize groceries and closet storage.

Are folks seriously NEVER using geometry? How do you manage the space around you without it?

…do you just buy random things and hope for the best?

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Answered Dad just had a heart attack. Can someone with experience answer some of my questions?


This just happened like an hour ago.

They caught it pretty early when he said his chest was tight.

He was talking the whole time while being loaded being put on the chair and loaded into the ambulance.

Is it a good sign that he was talking the entire time?

My dad is 66 and he has never had one before.

Please if someone could reach out and give some guidance it would really calm me down

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What the hell are "The Back Rooms"?


I'm going to presume a location in a videogame.

Probably comparable to the Shadow Realm.

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Why are people such dicks all across reddit


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Why do we censor nudity?


It doesn't make much sense to me why society has chosen the human body to be something explicit.

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What are golden retrievers expected to retrieve?


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why aren’t there yearly driving tests people have to take & pass?


Currently live in AZ and there’s a bunch of crazy drivers. Wondering how people pass their driver’s test. Some people should not be driving. Sorry for the rant everyone.

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Why are movies shot in public never recorded by civilians


Films like mission impossible, james bond etc where they have public street fights or car chases are never recoded by civilians even if they're shot in very public spaces which i find quite strange because if I saw tom cruise jumping of a car id definetly whip my phone and record him. The action movie extraction is what made me ask this because its shot somewhere in india with loads of people in the streets and non of them recorded the action. Hmmmm.

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What did Queen Elizabeth actually do?


When I look at all the celebrations of her life, the achievements seem to be largely symbolic or incredibly vague. Most of them are more things she endured than actually did. She gave a lot of speeches, witnessed a lot of historical events, and was generally nice to the people she met.

But I struggle to find any example of her actually doing anything of great meaning beyond simply existing.

I feel like I'm missing something.