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What’s wrong with Joe Biden?


I just watched the state of the union and I couldn’t find any fault and I agreed with almost everything he had to say. Just for context I’m a pretty conservative dude. The only thing I didn’t like was his call for an assault weapons ban.

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Answered Can I go around saying fuck the president and fuck the government in the USA? Or will I get arrested?


Not specifically referring to the current president just in general.

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I don’t want my kids to call me dad, alternatives?


I’ve got a newborn now, but unfortunately I also have ptsd, and every time i hear or see the word ‘dad’ or especially ‘daddy’, I jump. Maybe I’d get over it, but it doesn’t seem worth the risk. I’d rather avoid it. The main alternative is papa but it sounds so pretentious to me. Is using papi even worse, especially because ig it’s usually Hispanic? It sounds better to my ear personally, but it might not be received that way.

Please help. Thanks for any suggestions.

Edit: thanks, very obvious solutions I missed. Pops is probably the best option so I’ll go with that :)

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What are the band "Rage Against the Machine's" politics?


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How to maintain a no shoes indoors house in a western country?


I'm looking into buying a house and it'd need a complete renovation. I personally have indoor slippers/sandals but most of my family that visits often wears shoes inside. I hate it. I mentioned to my dad I'd be strict about no shoes inside if I got a new home after it was fixed up. He said I can't enforce that because not everyone is comfortable taking their shoes off or they don't want to because of smells, etc. Has anyone successfully implemented a no shoes house in a country or culture where that isn't the norm? If so, how? Details? Thank you for your help as always

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What's up with the name "Ruth's Chris" Steakhouse?


Like is Chris a kind of steak? Does Ruth belong to Chris? Are they both in on this? Just what the fuck?

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How many lifetimes would one need to literally create a computer from scratch?


I mean there is nothing, no pre existing tools. You are the only human in earth in the prehistoric age. But you are Tony Stark any know how to make an iPhone completely from scratch. How long would it take to literally make all things yourself, extracting the silicon, inventing a coding language, etc. All on your own. God will give you infinite lives to finish this task, so how long will it take?

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For people who lived before the age of the Internet, how did you do it?


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How do I not become an incel? NSFW


I'm in my late 20s and I struggle a lot of with social situations and obviously dating. I've never been with a woman or anything.

But when I go online to look for help (things like youtube channels that teach you how to talk to/approach women or whatever), they're all kinda incel-based. I get a lot of channel recommendations similar to Andrew Tate that teach you how to be mean and "neg" women, MTGOW, redpill channels, how to be alpha and all that stuff.

Where can I get help for my situation without getting sucked into all these incel influencers?

Edit: Also my goal isn't to have sex, I just struggle a lot talking to women even the ones on my sports teams that I see 1-2x a week for months at a time. I always feel that I messed up the conversation or make things boring/awkward.

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Why does the government tax the poor income then refund later on? If you’re below the poverty line wouldn’t it make more sense to not be taxed?


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Is there such a thing as circumstantial mental illness?


Basically the title. Is it possible for people to have a mental illness when in certain circumstance(like no job, lonely, or even like winning money) can bring forth a mental illness but then once the circumstances change the mental illness does or goes away? Or is it once you have a mental illness its with you forever?

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Is it my fault if I can’t tell if someone’s being sarcastic?


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is it normal to not feel any pain after a tooth extraction?


i had my first tooth pulled today and all of the nurses and my whole family told me i would be super cranky and in a lot of pain after the procedure. its been 14 hours since the extraction and i haven't felt shit. i haven't taken any pain killers. everyone told me the first few hours would be the worst but i ran all my errands today like nothing

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Do "young people" like Youtube Shorts?


I'm 30 so I completely missed the whole Tik Tok thing. My parents didn't understand why I liked streaming and Youtube, now I don't understand why kids like Tik Tok. Whatever, it happens. But now Youtube are trying to replicate Tik Tok with Youtube Shorts and they seem...objectively worse than normal Youtube videos? In every single fucking way?

They're forcing these on me so hard whenever I open the website it's really weird. Are teenagers actually watching this shit rather than normal videos or is this just a desperate attempt by some ignorant executive trying to save his dumb idea in its deathrattle?

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How do people like Majorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz stay in office, despite everything they have done?


Like seriously, how do they remain in Congress? How is Santos still in Congress? I genuinely want to know.

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People say “tin foil (hat)” but I’ve only see aluminum foil in stores. Does tin foil exist?


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Where are all the Scottish people in Hogwarts Legacy?


As a Scottish person it confuses me as to why we have most of hogwarts legacy is English? I understand the school statistics being more English if magic is spread evenlybut Hogsmeade is not part of hogwarts school really it. You would forget that the game is in the Scottish Highlands. One midlothian sounding Scottish man in a shop is not enough considering where we are playing. The game is amazing though

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Answered Why is there so little blood during surgeries?


I've been watching some videos of plastic surgeries being performed and I cant wrap my head around why more blood isn't flowing out of the places they are cutting open. I just saw a huge keloid removal on a guys scalp and there was so little blood, I thought head wounds bled a lot? Are they applying blood clotting substances and if yes how does it not interfere with healing?

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If "thumbs up" is the equivalent of the middle finger gesture in the Middle East, what does the "like" button look like in Facebook there?


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Why do many couples get married almost immediately after getting pregnant?


I know 3 separate couples that weren't even engaged, got pregnant, and then got married within 6 months. Beyond these 3 couples, this seems to be fairly common in society. I'm not saying they didn't ever plan to get married, but it certainly sped up the process. Why do they do this?

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What is stopping people from 3D printing their own guns in countries that have a ban?


I have seen the advancements of 3D printing weaponry. They have whole conventions and target competition about it. It’s actually quite scary to think.

It seems like it could be the “moonshine” of gun bans.

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Unanswered Why are mustard packets so hard to find at fast food burger joints nowadays? Fast food places will have ketchup packets but no mustard.


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I'm from the states, but did Queen Elizabeth have power over Canada (I'm confused as to why she was very important and the type of powers she had)?


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Why does imitation crab get such a bad rep.?


Everyone dunks on imitation crab.

I get it. It's not crab.

Saying Imitation Crab is real crab would be like saying Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food.

But imitation crab is pretty darn good. Is it not a healthy source of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein? Is adding imitation crab to your dirt regularly a healthy thing or not?

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Help to watch the American super bowl


I haven't watched the super bowl ever and I am trying to watch it like an American dad would do. I know nothing about it. Would you be kind to tell me the rituals that are around it?

- What would be your preferred channel to watch it on? I will be watching it online, so I guess a sports channel would do?

- What are the timelines, what time does it start? Local times are ok, I can translate them.

- I heard that there is a concert and some sort of show going on, is that happening before the match or after?

- Do you treat yourself with some nice food and drinks for the occasion? I am thinking about to cook the fattest American burger that I can think of, with sausages on the side and all of those vein blockers and cholesterol triggers.

- Do you wear anything for the match? Like NFL t-shirts or any favorite cap?