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If Billy Joel released part 2 of We Didn't Start The Fire (1990-today), what would some rhymes/topic combos?



u/ghostinthewindow Sep 24 '22 Silver

Insurrection, more vaccines. Forcing tons of pregnant teens. Banning books, no sex ed, Dear Old Lizzie's finally dead


u/FirstElectricPope Sep 25 '22

that would be like the last line


u/ghostinthewindow Sep 25 '22

still a line tho


u/FirstElectricPope Sep 25 '22

oh I wasn't bashing it


u/technicalees Sep 24 '22

My friend did his own version of this in 2014

Here are the lyrics:


George Bush, Helmut Kohl, Ryan White, Arsenio, Cold War, Gulf War, Kindergarten Cop Bart Simpson, Tiananmen, Mandela, Mitterand, Berlin Wall, Saddam Hussein, New Kids On the Block


Iraq Disarmament, Bosnia, A Few Good Men, Michael Jackson, Desert Storm, and The Silence of the Lambs Amy Fisher, Rodney King, Sarajevo, Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Super Soakers, Gorbechev and Roseanne.


Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, Waco, Mogadishu, Whitewater, Internet, Rangers finally win, Storm of the Century, Arafat and Rabin, Rwanda genocide, Nancy Kerrigan


O.J. Simpson, Farrakhan, DVD's, Dave Matthews Band, Toy Story, Tim McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, eBay Braveheart, Welfare reform, Biggie and Tupac Shakur, Flight 800, JonBenet, Massacre at Dunblane


Heaven's Gate, Tony Blair, Titanic, Lilith Fair, Harry Potter, Albright, fen-phen and Princess Di, Matthew Shepard, Nagano, impeachment, Kosovo, Saving Private Ryan, home run record broken.


Jack Kevorkian, Y2K, Columbine, Bill Gates, Euros, Sopranos, Amadou Diallo, Chandra Levy, Elian, Gladiator, Dubbya, 9/11, Let's Roll, American Idol


Beltway sniper, Taliban, War In Afghanistan, Nemo, Iraq, Human Genome Project, Homeland Security, Blackout of '03, iTunes, Valerie Plame, Darfur, Beyonce Facebook, Abu Ghraib, same-sex marriage, Green Day, J.J. Abrams, Nipplegate, Michael Moore is angry.


Drawings of Muhammad, Batman Begins again, Twitter, Bloomberg, Stephanie Meyer


Ehud Olmert, Kanye West, iPhone, Virginia Tech, Bernie Madoff, Michael Phelps, mortgage crisis, bailout help


Barack Obama, WikiLeaks, Occupy Wall Street, Bin-Laden, troop withdrawal, Book of Mormon musical


Sandy, Mo and Hillary, Benghazi, ATT, Gang of Eight and Boston Strong, what the hell is going on?...


u/littlemarcus91 Sep 25 '22

Goddamn that's good XD


u/After-Ad-5549 Sep 25 '22

Can someone explain why Robin Williams (RIP) is listed under 91-92?


u/[deleted] Sep 24 '22

Hey Billy, nice to see you here! I told you crowdsourcing lyrics was way easier than writing them yourself!


u/[deleted] Sep 24 '22



u/proverbialwhatever Sep 24 '22

I'm not noticing any denial being Billy Joel


u/[deleted] Sep 24 '22

I got that but please let me have my joke.


u/HowLittleIKnow Sep 24 '22

COVID-19, Delta strain

Russian troops in Ukraine


u/thanksdonna Sep 25 '22

Botox monkey pox, kids making tok toks Vanta black, hijab attack, gas company wants to frack

Betty white Trans rights Epstein dodgy suicide electric bills iodine pills panic buying at the tills

No formula to feed the weans Pakistan heavy rains Penguins dead, price of bread, garbage patches in the sea Climate crises melting me On the brink of WW3


u/GoodAndBluts Sep 24 '22 Gold Take My Energy

Here are a couple of attempts I made at the end of the two most recent decades!


I got twin towered, shock and awed

Guantanamo'd Patriot lawed

Myspace'd out, Miley Cirused

Cyberstalked, Software virused

Janet jacksoned, Credit spended

Carbon capped, I got defriended

Glenn Becked, Airport screened

Saw concorde go, I got New orleaned

I got pirated, got I-phoned

Sarah Palined , HELOC loaned

second lifed, A Tidal waved

Simon Cowell, and abu-graibed

from y2k to H1N, Bear Steins, Madoff, GM , Enron

crocodile hunter, that shuttle crew

From whacko jack to a decade new


From the hashtag to hamilton
#MeToo to kardashians
From Game of Thrones to frozen
Empty malls Blockbuster’s closing
Legal weed and arab spring
Fidget spinners are now a thing
Buy them all on amazon prime
The gig economy is fine
Youtube or Uber
What a fabulous time
Insta filters make you pretty
Title winning leicester city
Exploding phones, vuvuzelas
North Korea, venezuela
Was the dress gold or blue
What did the fox say to you?
Angry birds, tide pod fears
Malaysia airplane disappears
Boaty McBoatface on the sea
Lift a glass and sing with me
Transgender rights
Turning off the shuttle’s lights
Swiping left but drifting right
Epstein left alone at night
Fyre festival's empty stages
Build a wall , put kids in cages
mass shooting maniacs
Boeing 737 max
Ice buckets, gangnam style
Doesnt it all make you smile
Pope Francis, Dalai Lama
Megan Markle, Michelle obama
Beyonce, AOC
Taylor Swift, Greta T
volkswagen emissions


u/[deleted] Sep 24 '22

I do notice that “then Kanye” would fit really nicely next to Taylor Swift 😂

Well-done, by the way!


u/GoodAndBluts Sep 24 '22

I might have to slip that in! :-)


u/Ghigs Jack-of-some-trades Sep 24 '22

He already mentioned YouTube in the original version though.


u/Chicxulub360 Sep 25 '22

The original line is U-2, not YouTube


u/Ghigs Jack-of-some-trades Sep 25 '22

Yeah it was a misheard lyric joke.


u/Chicxulub360 Sep 25 '22

Well, consider me wooosh'd


u/RedditAccountOhBoy Sep 24 '22

Bo Burnham - That Funny Feeling


u/FornaxLacerta Sep 24 '22

Putin got blown away, what else do I have to say?


u/littlemarcus91 Sep 25 '22

...Trouble in the Suez.

...Don't go hunting with Cheney...

(JFK) Junior Dies, Saddam hides,

Cole bombed, Enron, Cloned sheep and the towers in a heap.

Internet, meme humor and the rise of the Zoomer

England and the new King, Chicago's gotta winning team (Cubs first world series since 1948)


u/Dunderfrickinmifflin Sep 24 '22

Ryan started the fire!


u/AggressiveClassic89 Sep 24 '22

Woke twats, maga hats, endless memes of silly cats, bot chats, pandemic bats, what the hell do i do with that??

We didn't start the fire...


u/thanksdonna Sep 24 '22

Ukrain Putin Liz is dead Charles is king Powers out Worlds in drought UFOs are coming out


u/RunningOutOfNames56 Sep 24 '22

Trump MAGA Qanon

What the fuck is goin on!?!?


u/Round-Cryptographer6 Sep 25 '22

Asteroid movies, Dreamcast, tomagachi, norm macdonald, new coasters at dorney!


u/NameIsNotBrad Sep 24 '22

Why are you recycling old Askreddit questions on this sub?


u/Affable Sep 24 '22

I’m sorry I didn’t see all of AskReddit


u/jeroen-79 Sep 24 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

Cigars in an intern.

Sharia under the Taliban.

Twin towers going down.

Americans in Afghanistan.

Double U Em Dee in Iraq.

Ding dong the witch is dead. (Maggie, not Lizzie)

Sharia under the Taliban.

Russians in the Donbass.


u/AggressiveClassic89 Sep 24 '22

Does this rhyme to you?


u/Mass_debate123 Sep 25 '22

Covid will have whiped us all out by the time that happens


u/[deleted] Sep 24 '22 edited Sep 24 '22