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u/mugenhunt Sep 24 '22

It's a lot of Internet fiction, loosely inspired by the SCP project, about the idea that you can fall out of reality and end up in a series of rooms that are like the backstage of the real world. Like clipping out of bounds in a video game.

A lot of people like writing stories and doing art about this concept, but there isn't any official media it's taken from.


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u/Tmorton1 Sep 24 '22

Check out Kane Pixels on YouTube


u/Project_HeavyEpsilon Sep 25 '22

I think i read an SCP about an event, where one would ride an elevator. Sometimes very random, and on a very rare occasion, the elevator stops on an empty floor, and the panel doesnt show a number of the floor. Looking out you can see empty floors like office floors and hallways with the lights buzzing, smell of old office carpet and no one around. When you exit the elevator, you cannot go back and are stuck for an unknown time in this weird office space.