r/NoStupidQuestions Sep 24 '22

why aren’t there yearly driving tests people have to take & pass?

Currently live in AZ and there’s a bunch of crazy drivers. Wondering how people pass their driver’s test. Some people should not be driving. Sorry for the rant everyone.


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u/NoSoulsINC Sep 24 '22

It would be far too burdensome. Most people only have to renew their license every 6 years and complain when they have to do it. I couldn’t imagine having to retest every year. Secondly, almost everyone on the road knows how to drive correctly, otherwise they likely wouldn’t be. They just choose not to because they only care about themselves.


u/fluffycookie154 Sep 24 '22

Theres so many people who run red lights and you have to be so cautious going when the light turns green. it’s expected here that people do that here