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Answered When people refer to “Woke Propaganda” to be taught to children, what kind of lessons are they being taught?


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Answered My boyfriend is angry at me because I said I was in support of a cure for autism and now I feel terrible. I just don't understand why giving people the option to be cured is so bad?


Edit: I love my boyfriend more than this world, I'm not breaking up with him. Thank you so much for the replies, I have realized that changing a person's autism would be to change them and I wouldn't want that. I think it's better to just try to help people to make life easier to live with disabilities ❤️

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Answered do foreigners think american accents are sexy like we think their accents are?


edit: as a southerner, i’m blushing so hard rn. thanks for the responses:) i was inspired to ask the question because my roommates and i were talking about which accents we found attractive.

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Answered Is this comment racist?


I came across a post saying people should stop reproducing and start adopting instead. In the comments, someone said this:

I agree with adoption, I don't agree with stopping reproduction, especially among people with good genetics, physically and intellectually. For example, the Japanese should absolutely breed, they are a gift to mankind. They are brilliant, innovative, and an advanced race.

Is this racist?

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Answered Why do drug advertisements exist? Shouldn’t doctors be deciding what gets prescribed to their patients, not the other way around?


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Answered My friend believes that Satan is actually good and mischaracterized and god is the evil one...is there a name for this kind of belief?


We were talking about our beliefs. I'm an atheist and the title is essentially what he told me. Very interesting but I've never heard that before. Is this an actual belief or just some edgy stuff?

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Answered What are women doing to the showerhead? NSFW


My partner (M31) asked me (F30) what do women actually do with the showerhead. ("Do you the spray water inside yourself till you cum? or just grind on it").

I personally have no clue as I've only heard about it in movies. I didn't get it when I was younger and i still don't get it.

What's actually going on?

edit: Thanks for all the responses, I've learnt so many things. Unfortunately I have separate taps and a ceiling mounted shower, so I won't be able to put any of my new found knowledge to use anytime soon. But maybe it's time to get the bathroom refitted.

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Answered Is it acceptable to hit a woman for self-defence?


If a woman gets aggressive and starts hitting you is it then deemed to be morally acceptable to strike back?

Edit: For people who are kindly concerned about my wellbeing, I am not in an abusive relationship. I was just looking for opinions on the matter because it’s not completely black and white.

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Answered Is there a single natural food source that if you only ate said food source, you wouldn’t get sick or die early because it’s lacking an important nutrient?


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Answered Why are American bathrooms like...that?


Hello, I'm Welsh and have lived in the UK my whole life. When I visited America, I was shocked by how different their toilets are. If anyone has seen a UK/US public bathroom, you know what I mean, it's two main differences, neither of which make logical sense to me.

  1. Why is the water in the toilet so high up? I imagine if you had balls, they'd probably dip in the water. I was worried I'd accidentally submerge my ass if I sat on it wrong. Surely this creates more chance of toilet water splashing everywhere.

  2. Why are the doors so useless? In a UK public toilet, at the very least you will have a cubicle door that stretches the width of the door frame, then leaves may a couple inches at the bottom, but only enough to see your feet. Sometimes you get a full floor to ceiling, wall to wall door with no gaps, which is nice and private. Most of the loos I used in America had a few inches between the door and the door frame, then at least a foot at the top and bottom. This left a huge gap where not only could I see out at passers by, but any random pervert could have looked in! I suppose they work on the assumption that people will be polite enough not to look in, but how on earth can anyone feel comfortable when they're so easily visible on the toilet?

What are the reasonings for these differences? I found both of them made the bathroom experience rather unpleasant.

EDIT: Here is an example of what I mean. This is an average UK one Good lord, I'm asking for the REASON FOR THE DIFFERENCE, not saying that one toilet is better than the other. There is absolutely no need to start getting competitive over a question about toilets, I'm not trying to "push a narrative" by asking why you shit differently to us.

A lot of people keep mentioning wheelchair access, which I suppose is another bathroom difference. Here we tend to have automatic doors in disabled toilets, which can be opened automatically with the press of a button. They can also be unlocked from the outside using a special key in case of emergency, and have a red floor to ceiling cord which can be pulled to alert someone, for example if someone falls on the floor. They have floor to ceiling doors, but they're automated, and the disabled bathrooms are significantly roomier inside so there's wheelchair space.

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Answered Why are women stereotypically considered worse drivers when the statistics say that men have more crashes?


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Answered Why are climate change activists targeting the arts?


I’ve seen videos going around of climate change activists throwing soup at priceless works or art, glueing themselves to walls of museums, and disrupting musical performances.

Why do they do this and not target political leaders (who make the decisions on climate policy?)

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Answered Why do some doctors refuse to perform reproductive sterilization surgeries if they deem you “too young”?


Let’s say, worst case scenario, the patient has a change of heart after the surgery. Why should this reflect badly on the doctor? They simply performed a procedure that was requested of them. It’s not like it’s their job to advise the patient on whether it’s a wise decision or not; so why does a 25-year-old have to go through such an ordeal to find just one doctor that’s willing to perform a tubal ligation or vasectomy?

(Note: I’m in the US so I ask this question from that perspective.)

Thanks for any clarification you can provide!

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Answered When I hear a lot of women complain about having to pay for tampons, pads etc. is the goal to make them cheaper or just free?


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Answered Someone please help me understand my trans child.


This is not potstirring or political or time for a rant. Please. My child is a real person, and I'm a real mom, and I need perspective.

I have been a tomboy/low maintenance woman most of my life. My first child was born a girl. From the beginning, she was super into fashion and makeup. When she was three, her babysitter took her to get nails and hair extensions, and she loved it. She grew into watching makeup and fashion boys, and has always been ahead of the curve.

Not going to lie, it's been hard for me. I've struggled to see that level of interest in outward appearance as anything but shallow. But I've tried to support her with certain boundaries, which she's always pushed. For example, she had a meltdown at 12yo because I wouldn't buy her an $80 6-color eyeshadow palette. But I've held my nose and tried.

You might notice up until now, I've referred to her as "she/her." That's speaking to how it was then, not misgendering. About two years ago, they went through a series of "coming outs." First lesbian, then bi, then pan, then male, then non-binary, then female, now male again. I'm sure I missed a few, but it's been a roller coaster. They tasted the whole rainbow. Through all of this, they have also been dealing with serious issues like eating disorders, self harm, abuse recovery, compulsive lying, etc.

Each time they came out, it was this big deal. They were shaky and afraid, because I'm religious and they expected a big blowup. But while I'm religious, I apply my religion to myself not to others. I've taught them what I believe, but made space for them to disagree. I think they were disappointed it wasn't more dramatic, which is why the coming outs kept coming.

Now, they are comfortable with any pronouns. Most days they go by she/her, while identifying as a boy. (But never a man.) Sometimes, she/her offends them. I've defaulted to they as the least likely to cause drama, but I don't think they like my overall neutrality with the whole process.

But here is the crux of my question. As someone who has never subscribed to gender norms, what does it when mean to identify as a gender? I've never felt "male" or "female." I've asked them to explain why they feel like a boy, how that feels different than feeling like a girl or a woman, and they can't explain it. I don't want to distress them by continuing to ask, so I came here.

Honestly, the whole gender identity thing completely baffles me. I don't see any meaning in gender besides as a descriptor of biological differences. I've done a ton of online research and never found anything that makes a lick of sense to me.

Any insight?

Edit: wow. I wasn't expecting such an outpouring of support. Thank you to everyone who opened up your heart and was vulnerable to a stranger on the internet. I hope you know you deserve to be cared about.

Thank you to everyone who sent me resources and advice. It's going to take me weeks to get through everything and think about everything, and I hope I'm a better person in the other side.

I'm so humbled by so many of the responses. LGBTQ+ and religious perspectives alike were almost all unified on one thing: people deserve love, patience, respect, and space to not understand everything the right way right now. My heart has been touched in ways that had nothing to do with this post, and were sorely needed. Thank you all. I wish I could respond to everyone. Every single one of you deserve to be seen. I will read through everything, even if it takes me days. Thank you. A million times thank you.

For the rest of you... ... ... and that's all I'm going to say.

Finally, a lot of you have made some serious assumptions, some to concern and some to judgmentalism. My child is in therapy, and has been since they were 8 years old. Their father is abusive, and I have fought a long, hard battle to help them through and out of that. They are now estranged from him for about four years. The worst 4 years of my life. There's been a lot of suffering and work. Reddit wasn't exactly my first order of business, but this topic is one so polarizing where I live I couldn't hope to get the kind of perspective I needed offline. So you can relax. They are getting professional help as much as I know how to do. I'm involved in their media consumption and always have been on my end, though I had no way to limit it at their dad's, and much of the damage is done. Hopefully that helps you sleep well.

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Answered Why are people saying student loan forgiveness is “unconstitutional”?


Genuinely asking. I get that some people don’t believe in “hand-outs” but how is it unconstitutional as they are saying?

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Answered I am watching my brother's Mastiff, and I gave him some of my pizza, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Ham, and Onions. Then I realized I don't know if that would hurt the dog. He is just sitting there slobbering, would any of those things hurt the dog?


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Answered I'm terminal. Orphan, no family worth considering. Want to leave my home to a friend. Can I add my friend to the title now so there's no probate bullshit ? Do they have to know/be involved ahead of time? I want it to be a surprise. [Colorado, USA]


[edit: wow this blew up. FAQs so far after 12 hours:

people are so kind. I get a warm feeling from all the care; the good wishes and the high quality practical advice and support.

I'm fine, really. I just needed to get this settled so I could start the bucket list, and I'm going to squeeze every bit of awesomeness I can out of this life while I have it, I'm not going to rush things or quit early.

I am going to talk with a lawyer, and probably go the Transfer on Death Deed option. Everything will be spelled out, witnessed, every t crossed, every i dotted.

I'm going to give the friend a 'heads up', and a chance to get closure. I'll make sure this doesn't interrupt any of their plans I don't know about. If it does, I'll go to the next friend on the list.

I know from when I have seen others pass it gets easier as you get closer - and that's the case for me now. The lessons I learned from Eckhart Tolle and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) and the Stoics and Thoreau's Walden are like a hand gently holding me up. God is Love, that's what The Man taught me, and that's Where and to Whom I'm going.

But first: I'm going to enjoy myself and live life while I have it.

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Answered How do canaries know to sing when trouble is brewing? Are they trained to do this or born that way to alert other canaries to danger?


Human have been using canaries for hundreds of years in places like coal mines to alert humans to danger. Why canaries? Can other birds not do this? How do they learn to do it?

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Answered Why is r/politics fully left wing?


Not asking as a right wing guy or anything like that, just curious why the sub supposedly about 'Politics' is 100% just stuff that is pro-left?

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Answered Why doesn’t the trolley problem have an obvious answer?


To me it seems obvious to only kill 1 person instead of 5, I don’t really see the big dilema

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Answered If I'm buying a house, should I ask the owner about how much mortgage is still left on the property or is that largely irrelevant? A friend of mine told me I should know this piece of info but I never got why.


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Answered What's the name of our moon?


whats the name of our moon?

like i know our planet is called Earth but all the other moons have names....what is OUR moon's name????

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Answered How to order a beer?


A little background: I [35m] came from a country where Alcohol is not allowed and severely punishable, never been to a bar and so on.

I immigrated to Canada mainly because I don't believe in all what is taught in my old country.

The question: I want to go to a bar and try beer or any alcohol for the first time. And this may sound weird, but how do I actually order beer? I checked some online guides and they explain types of beer and so on. Is it as simple as just sitting on the bar and asking the bartender for a beer? Or should I specify the type and brand?


Thanks everyone for responses, I didn't know that there is a draft or bottled beers till I read the comments. I guess I'll pick an unbusy day and chat with a bartender and sample different types.

I appreciate all your un-judgemental responses.

Edit 2: Wow, I didn't expect this amount of great responses and support, thanks to everyone who commented or PMed me, I'm happy that the world is filled with amazing people like you!

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Answered How can everyone have "past lives" if the number of humans has grown exponentially every few thousand years?


Update? Idk, I'm just adding this all post 110 comments and dozens of answers:

Heard some people at my college talk about their past lives as soldiers in historical battles and such. They alluded that all their "past lives" were all some human form and the more I thought about it, the less I understood (there has never been 8bil humans on the planet). This is me trying to understand someone's interpretation of "past life reincarnation," which my smooth brain did not realize how philosophical a question it is to ask 😂

Thank you everyone for your input!!