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Unanswered Has there ever been a politician who was just a genuinely good, honest person?


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Is the Russian invasion actually going as badly as the western media portrays it to be?


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Question on racism


I'm a brown woman and I felt tiny bits of racism lately, after being a decade in North America. So I posted on a local Facebook mommy group however admin banned the post. She said our town is not racist and trivialized my experience. She gave me advice on how to talk to people etc instead.

After I questioned her why can't I ask other brown women if they have experienced this or why can't my voice have a platform to share my experience - she eventually banned me from the group (she's a white woman)

Question: is she being racist by not letting me validate/post my racism experience?

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How to start posting with no karma?


New to Reddit and tried to post on many different pages but am unable to due to not having karma. How does someone new start?

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Do you Regularily De-Worm yourself??


We have a debate going on, One person in our office says she Regularly deworms herself but the rest of us have not ever heard of this happening

So i need to ask, Do you regularly deworm yourself?

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Why does school start early when it's proven that it's bad for children?


It's ridiculous that we have kids waking up at 5 and 6 am to sit in the dark outside the bus stop every day, especially teenagers who are developing rapidly and need the most sleep out of anyone, and it's scientifically proven that making kids wake up this early isn't good for their health or development, why hasn't there been a push to put to start times Later?

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Answered If I put meth in my lunch at work and someone else eats it, have I committed any crime? NSFW


Ok hear me out. So let's sat someone habitually steals my lunch. I don't do drugs and never have. BUT if I were to go get meth or cocaine or something, and put it in my lunch and leave it, and someone else eats it and overdoses, am I liable for a crime?

No I'm not planning on doing this. Just a curiosity. Would there be any crime? They could drug test me and find my blood clean. He or she could admit to stealing my lunch (though it would be unlikely to be believed) and overdosing. But if nothing was intentional on my part, I didn't give it to them then...?

Edit: to be very very clear I'm not planning on doing this lol I'm a writer.

Edit 2: what if there was a big obnoxious poison warning on it and they ate it anyway? And switch out meth for some other more conventional poison.

Edit 3: ok so a lot of people think I'm mentally unhinged lol. I've said it a ton of times. I'm not going to do anything. I'm a writer! It's character info. I don't have my lunch stolen. I work in a private office and no one has access to it. I know killing is wrong. I don't do drugs. Earl grey is the hardest thing I use.

Edit 4: ok what about something really spicy like Carolina reaper or ghost peppers?

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Why does Hollywood, Netflix, etc. portray high schoolers and college students as people with excellent social circles, sex lives, money, etc. when the majority of them don't have that?


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Unanswered Why are some people anti-Evolution?


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Why do we put up Christmas trees to honor the birth of Jesus?


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Is it just me, or do yellow crayons and colored pencils seem to have the least friction?


Whenever I draw with them, I feel like they slide around on the paper easier than the other colors.

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Why do people say “Biblical Marriage” is between one man and one woman?


In the Bible “acceptable” marriage was often between a man and his sister or a man and his hundreds of concubines. Sometimes it was even between a man and his sex slaves (from war).

Why do people claim that Biblical Marriage is only between a man and a woman if the Bible allowed for polygamy?

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Is it normal to feel like you don't know anything at 25?


I have a masters degree, and at my first job it feels like i know virtually nothing in the field

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What are some funny gifts you can get people this holiday?


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Unanswered In the 60s, 70s, and 80s when smoking indoors was legal, was everything more yellowed or brown? Like the walls and stuff?


From the smoke etc, I guess it probably smelt like smoke too.

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Unanswered Why do car manufacturers keep making new cars with touchscreen consoles?


Everyone I know, across any age spectrum, hates using touchscreens in the car, especially as the driver. With a touch screen, you have to directly look at the screen for longer periods of time to ensure you touch the right 'button' and that the screen reads it correctly. Not only that, but you have to navigate through more menus and screens to get to the thing you need to change.

With older cars, using real buttons for radio, climate control, etc, you can largely navigate by feel and barely glance down at what you need to change, finishing it out by feel. This is obviously much safer, faster, and just easier to use even if you aren't having to deal with driving at the same time.

So why do the manufacturers keep using the touchscreens? Is it cheaper? If so, and the demand/desire for analog buttons is as high as I anecdotally see, why doesn't one of the manufacturers get smart and sell us a car we want to use? Surely the extra demand would outweigh the very slight cost of extra buttons. Plus they wouldn't have to pay to design a horrible UI!

I guess I'm just confused as to why they insist on this horrible idea. (If there's a better place to ask this let me know)

Edit* some people are pointing out that backup cameras are required on all new cars, which helps explain why all new cars have screens in general. But it doesn't really answer my question.

Sure it may be cheaper to throw all the rest of your interface buttons on the screen, but personally I would pay more for a car with analog buttons for everything else besides backup camera. My desire anecdotally represents demand for this, so I imagine a profit can likely be made on it, why are none of them doing this?

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Unanswered Can I, an adult human, eat only baby food and still maintain a healthy balanced diet?


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What date is the worst to have a birthday on?


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I've asked this question on r/AskHistorians and have gotten no response. Who are the two men next to Eleanor Roosevelt?


My grandfather is the guy photo bombing, and pushing the wheeled bench. This is at the 1940 World's Fair.


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Does this make me a misogynist?


There was a random reel on Instagram of a female comedian. I didn't find the bit funny but with comedy being subjective, I can't say it's outright not funny.

A friend of mine (might become more of an acquaintance soon) that showed it to me immediately went to, "That's so misogynistic. Just because she's a woman!?"

"Uh, no...I just didn't find the bit funny..."

"Why do guys hate all female comedians!? Women can be funny, too!"

"You're right. They can be. I've watched a ton of specials that had me cracking up that were women doing comedy..."

She was upset for a bit and didn't really bring it back up.

Am I the asshole here? Honestly?

I hate this bullshit that because some guys out there will always say, "women aren't funny" that automatically lumps me in if a woman had ONE bit that I didn't think was funny.

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If a registered sex offender is put into witness protection, is their "new identity" registered? NSFW


So as the title states, if someone who is a registered sex offender requires witness protection, say for being a witness against someone from the Mob or another extremely violent group, would their new identity be registered?

If so, it would be kind of easy to find them, if someone really wanted to. They would just have to look at registered sex offenders, which have the person's photo as well as home address, I believe?(Correct me if I'm wrong)

It would require some time and dedication to search through all the registered sex offenders, but the Mob will do anything to silence a witness.

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There’s a man asking for change on the side of the road, everyone who passes unloads money to him. He makes 10 million dollars. Does he have to pay taxes on that?


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Why were screensavers a thing?


Like i get that you dont want to have the screen burned into, but why not just have the screen turn off after the same amount of time that triggers the screensaver? Surely that would be more power efficient wouldn’t it? Why did that only start after the screen saver era

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Why is alcohol legal when weed isn't?


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Unanswered Why don't Indians wear deodorant?


No this isn't me trying to be racist. In fact I heard many ask this question & I brushed it off thinking it was some lame stereotype about Indian people. However a lot of the time when I'm in a store & walk past Indian men I do smell their B.O. It happened more & more until I thought that perhaps it isn't a stereotype & there might actually be a cultural reason for it or maybe something else entirely.