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Unanswered What's going on with Republican-led states filing a lawsuit against the Biden Administration regarding 401k investing?


I've seen some chatter recently about Biden reversing a Trump law regarding investments in ESG. Is this actually a big deal or just an overreaction from GOP-led states?


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Unanswered What’s the deal with people hating Hasan trying to get donations?


This is his twitch live stream, he seems to have lots of followers/donations.. https://m.twitch.tv/clip/CoyVivaciousPuffinNerfBlueBlaster-bA3Fqua0JoaxNI5H

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Answered Why are people talking about Pedro Pascal?


I keep seeing a ton of TikTok’s recently that reference him. Like this one: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRG9puCG/ I’ve also been seeing some people leave comments about him in videos about Leonardo DiCaprio’s new relationship.

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Answered What's going on with the train crash in Ohio?


So I've seen there was a derailment of a train carrying various amounts of chemicals in Ohio, but there's not really that many articles or people talking about it? Even on r/news there's nothing. It seems like it's a big deal since they even ordered an evacuation of the town

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Answered What's up with everybody calling Harry Styles a "fake gay"/accusing him of queerbaiting?


Comments like this are popping up absolutely everywhere on social media right now.

Unless I'm mistaken, hasn't he explicitly said that he's queer and has had romantic encounters with both men and women, he just prefers to keep the details private and prefers not to go by a specific label? What's going on? Why can't people just respect that?

Edit: It's come to my attention that he considers himself questioning/unlabelled and has not explicitly had relationships with men, but that shouldn't change my point - questioning/unlabelled are valid LGBT identities.

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Unanswered What's going on with the Republicans allowing the US debt to default?


Why does it matter if the Republicans allow the US debt to default? I've read it will have "huge implications" in the US and globally but I can't find an explanation of what the huge implications are. How would it affect the average person's life if the Republicans allow the US debt to default? And if the implications are so bad, why would those Republican politicians allow it to default?


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Unanswered What's going on with the UK no longer offering the COVID booster shot to anyone healthy under the age of 50?


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Unanswered What’s going on with Dante Bowe and Maverick City Music?


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Unanswered What's going on with memes about Hogwarts Legacy?


I know about an old debate about JKR getting money from the sales of the game and her viewpoints. Although my question is this:

What's all about horror and disgrace playing the game?


I'm also seeing memes on Reddit (unfortunately can't find a link) where implications are made that the game has sexual content.

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Unanswered Whats up with the "I'm Blue" covers lately?


For a while now I keep hearing covers to "I'm Blue" by Eiffel 65 on the radio. Whether it's David Guetta or that slow mall type cover.

This also happened a few years ago with a certain song by Linkin Park (i think it was "Numb")

Did copyright expire for these songs or what?

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Unanswered What's going on with Pizzacake Comics?


I'm seeing a lot of comics lately by u/pizzacakecomic on the front page. Today there was another post where the artist seemingly fires back at critics of her work? I don't really get what's going on. Who is this artist, and are the comics supposed to be funny or some form of commentary? And why don't people like it? Although the comics are always on the front page, the thread is usually full of downvotes. What's going on?

Edit: now even this post is being downvoted as well. What in the world is going on.

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Unanswered What's up with the sudden interest in Indian politics on reddit?


I'am kind of out of the loop here, but what's with the sudden interest of redditors in Indian politics? From what I know it all started when BBC put out a documentary on the current Prime Minister of India, Modi, which implicates him for a genocide before he became the Prime Minister as I have gathered from this article by the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2023/01/25/india-bbc-narendra-modi-documentary/

I also decided to look up more about it and saw that he was actually cleared of the crimes by the Apex court of India: https://www.outlookindia.com/national/pm-modi-gets-clean-chit-in-2002-gujarat-riots-case-a-timeline-of-events-news-204382

Looks like the case was resolved in 2012, so why a BBC documentary on Modi should create such a massive interest in Indian politics by the average redditor, which mostly are Americans?

Calling the world's largest democracy as 'fascist' seems kind of overblown to me, so is there more to this than meets the eye or is it just something that got viral as nothing was more interesting, not suggesting a conspiracy, just am curious, I would genuinely like to know more and separate the facts from fiction.

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Unanswered What’s up with Biden’s speech about Medicare and Social Security a clap back at republics? If they don’t support it, why did they stand and clap?


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Unanswered What's going on with Reddit's spam filters hiding new posts?


I tried posting on two separate subs last night and my posts did not appear until I reached out to the mods for manual approval. Requesting approval is not normal practice for either sub. Both mods said something vague like "Reddit's having issues. Just be patient," but I need more info!

Mods' reply

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Unanswered What is going on with Seinfeld and Twitch?


I hadn't heard of it till today. I've seen three posts of it in some meme groups about it being banned for transphobia. What is the show? How old is it? What exactly happened? And what is it's future? I checked youtube and the first couple of videos didn't answer any of these questions, but just repeated the same point that it was banned.


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Unanswered What’s up with the talk of “15 Minute Cities” recently?


I’m aware of the concept, and from my understanding, it seems like a pretty universally positive thing, but I’ve definitely seen a sudden influx of people talking about 15 Minute cities as some terrible, horrible dystopian thing and plans to implement these types of cities as stirring “controversy” (example: https://www.oxfordstudent.com/2023/01/25/15-minute-city-plans-cause-controversy/ and https://www.westernstandard.news/alberta/15-minute-city-project-is-preparing-to-help-edmonton-reach-1-25-million-people/article_9aa54c3c-9e72-11ed-86b8-9701a137acef.html)

Is there more to this than just typical people being outraged about nothing?

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Unanswered What's the deal with so many crypto platforms, even ostensibly major and stable ones, are doing so poorly recently?


In most recent news: Binance, the largest crypto platform, announced it's suspending USD withdrawals. This comes on the heels of the still-smoldering FTX disaster, and many other recent crypto scandals.

I realize crypto had a slump last year, and why that would be a problem for crypto funds and individuals owning it, but why would the inherent value of crypto cause so much problems for crypto platforms, which are supposed to hold and trade other people's crypto rather than their own? As a comparison, you don't see banks going under if the USD exchange rate dips, or stock exchanges shutting down when the stocks they trade lose some of their value.

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Unanswered What's going on with the church of England considering a gender-neutral God?


I saw an article in this site also in The Telegraph. So God won't be He/Him anymore, can they really change that? What will be next?

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Unanswered What's up with these so called "spy balloons"? I'm looking for a bit of technical explanation if someone may


I read about the spy balloons being spotted in the US, but all those articles about them just opened up more questions they didn't answer:

What's the point of a spy balloon? Like what's in there that makes you even put it in a balloon and send it across the ocean? China has spies in the US, all over the world even and vice versa. Why spy with a balloon when you got sattelites, actual spies and a thousand other ways of obtaining intelligence?

Source: Previous Chinese Balloon Incursions Initially Went Undetected https://nyti.ms/3HCLfhl

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Unanswered What's up with the trans character's name in Hogwarts Legacy?


Evidently people are calling the name (Sirona Ryan) stereotypical based on the character's minority status, but I can't seem to understand why that's stereotypical for a trans person. Here is the thread I saw.

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Unanswered What is going on with LoL and some sort of monologue involving Doublelift, LeTigress and TSM?



Apparently there is some sort of hubbub in the League of Legends community involving a monologue from DoubleLift and TSM.

LeTigress responded to it, and that made a big post: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/10ut05x/letigress_responds_regarding_the_tsm_and/

Doublelift also responded to LeTigress's post, and that recieved even MORE upvotes. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/10uycr4/doublelifts_response_to_letigress_apology/

But what I can't find any information on is the actual original monologue.

What exactly is going on here?

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Answered What's the deal with people posting a conspiracy theory that YouTuber "8-Bit Guy" and his wife are the same person all over tech communities?


Is there a mob that has it out for this guy or is this a copypasta in-joke or something?

He's a popular retro tech YouTuber and the accusation keeps getting posted all over Discord and comments and a tech message board I mod for.

I mean they look sorta similar but he has kids and it's just ridiculous. We keep deleting the posts but I wonder what started this.


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Unanswered What is going on with Manchester City being hit with numerous FA charges?


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Unanswered What's going on with the current egg shortage, chicken culling, and the media warning people to not raise backyard chickens?


I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the entire thing is really weird to me. What is up with all of the anti-egg nonsense lately? I'm hearing about tainted chicken feed?

Related link: https://kpel965.com/have-your-chickens-stopped-laying-eggs-social-medias-latest-conspiracy-theory-is-wild/

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Unanswered What’s going on with Emma Dumont?


Her recent instagram posts have been a bit confusing and concerning. Does anyone have further context or know more about what is happening?

link to her instagram