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Unanswered What's going on with John Oliver blackmailing Congress?


John Oliver said he would release embarrassing information on some politicians if they did not pass a data privacy law to prevent it. Did this ever happen? Was a law passed about it?

Link for context: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-news/last-week-tonight-john-oliver-recap-season-9-episode-7-congress-data-1335598/

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Unanswered What is going on with everyone roasting Texas A&M?


I was checking out the r/cfb sub and I found this post that links you to a tweet with a removed video. I read another comment about how Texas A&M is trying to scrub the video from existence and now I’m even more intrigued.

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Unanswered What's the deal with teens supposedly running away as a Tik tok challenge?


My community has had a drastic increase in teens that have gone missing, with posters all over the neighborhoods and alerts on social media.

Some people on FB are claiming it's due to a Tik Tok challenge where kids are running away and seeing how long they can stay missing.

It's been talked about so much, the local police are investigating per this article: https://www.counton2.com/news/local-news/berkeley-county-news/bcso-investigating-tiktok-challenges-connection-to-missing-teens/

Is this a case of modern "Tik Tok panic"? Or are there really kids making these challenge videos on Tik Tok?

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Unanswered What's The Deal With Companies Closing Unionizing Stores?


What's The Deal With Companies Closing Unionizing Stores? It seems like a trend now; TJ's just closed up a wine shop because they found out thr employees were unionized. Why are companies so afraid of employees forming a union that its worth them closing shops?


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Unanswered What is the deal with Jared Kushner getting $2Billion from the Saudis?


What was the money said to be for? Is it possible that the top secret documents confiscated by the FBI have anything to do with this very large sale?



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Unanswered What's up with r/free_Xinjiang?


r/free_Xinjiang has been banned about a week ago for "creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit." What's up with it being banned and which subreddit did it try to reconstruct? (I searched this subreddit and tried to find answers but couldn't.)

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/Y6XC4X8.png

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Unanswered Whats the deal with Andrew Tate?


Thats the question in its entirety, have recently had countles people make references to this Andrew Tate and i have zero knowledge of who they are.

Tried looking it up but all i get is 9 hour rants on why its a crime against humanity to ban this person from <insert platform he was banned on>

By the comments of these videos seems like another Jordan Peterson copycat with room temperature iq people foaming how banning for violating tos is against freedom of peach and that women are trash (so typical youtube comment section for literally any grifter) https://youtu.be/INn4sakFASQ

So he is somekind of snake oil salesman? Preying on young adults with low self esteem to squeece money from them?

Isnt there like a quater trillion of grifters like that already, what makes him so special.

Am i truly this out of touch on the internet that i dont get why this person even makes it to the news or have i finally touched grass and this is valhalla of being unaware of internet rage machines.

If anyone can give a tl;dr on who he is and why the fuzz, would be appericated.

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Unanswered What's the deal with the Punisher wallpaper in this cop's phone?


I saw this on Twitter, why are many people focusing on the wallpaper?


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Unanswered What's the deal with Russian soldiers and clothes washing machines?


I've seen a TON of memes and jokes about Russians fighting in Ukraine for the benefit of clothes washing machines. This is just one of many examples:


What's the deal?

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Unanswered What's going on with people celebrating Japan's ex-pm's death on Twitter?


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Unanswered What's up with the linkedIn posts with guys crying?


Recently I keep seeing posts in LinkedIn, mostly guys with their crying face and some ridiculous story. What's happening?

Example : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-6963213172103069696-QnRO

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Unanswered What's up with The Woman King IMDB rating, Rotten Tomatoes score, and metacritic score?


So I've noticed that the movie The Woman King has a 94% Tomatometer and a 99% audience score at rottentomatoes. That is obviously super high.

On the other hand its IMDB is currently sitting at a very modest 5.8.

And last, on metacritic the movie has 77 METACSORE and 2.8 user score.

What's up with that? I remember seeing big discrepancies between critic scores and audience scores. But the rottentomatoes ratings really seem like the odd one out. What's up with that?

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Unanswered What's the deal with Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana?


With today's news of Queen Elizabeth being put under medical assistance, I've been seeing a bunch of memes on Twitter, such as the one below, about her and Princess Diana. Who is Princess Diana, and what is the context of these memes? https://twitter.com/WhateverEST1997/status/1567855703758454784?s=20&t=s-EaqN-S0zS\_7BSoPVPNcA

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Unanswered What's up with Alex jones and the Sandy hook shooting?


I saw a post on reddit

All I know is that sandy hook elementary school had a shooting and Alex jones is a podcast guy(I think?)

Did he claim that the shooting didn't happen or something?

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Unanswered What's up with Reddit's Avatar NFTs?


I got a notification from Reddit telling me to "claim" my free avatar. Not thinking anything of it, I claimed it because why not. I honestly thought it was just a skin for your little guy in your profile picture. But I come to find out that these avatars are actually NFTs from this post.

I have my own biases about NFTs, and I have a moderate amount of knowledge regarding them. But, I have zero knowledge about how these would work. Questions that come to me are ones like, when did Reddit start doing this? Are these even worth anything? How would I even go about "trading" it? Is it even worth the care?

Please try to keep your own personal biases about NFTs out of your answer. I am just looking for a clean-cut explanation.

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Unanswered What's the deal with a judge appointing a "special master" to review documents found at Mar-a-Lago?


How does this impact the ability of the FBI to investigate Trump? Could this realistically lead to Trump not being indicted?


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Unanswered What is the deal with every YouTube video having comments with replies saying stuff like "Finally, it's here" and linking a video of some cooking video?


It feels like it's everywhere and I don't know why. The most common is a top-down video of someone making air fryer potato wedges. All these videos are painfully mediocre, but not horrible or great. I don't get the purpose of these replies to comments.

Here's the link to the said video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCfYi7634rU

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Unanswered ootl Whats the deal with the collectible avatars?



Is there any reason to read through all the legal privacy BS and accept this? or should I just ignore the thing and not collect it? What's the point of these things, besides decoration?


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Unanswered What's up with people saying that Batman enjoys beating up poor or homeless people almost every time he's mentioned?


Here's the most recent example: https://imgur.com/a/lE3oagu

Is this a new trend? Have I missed a comic book or a movie where he does this? Almost every time someone mentions Batman people say that he only enjoys beating up the poor and should give up on being Batman and donate all his money to charities. But doesn't he fight supervillains and secret criminal societies that threaten the innocent? And almost every story about him shows Wayne donating millions to help the people of Gotham. Why do people treat Batman like he's a villain supe from The Boys, like he's Homelander?

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Unanswered What is going on with Drag Queens and Conservatives in the US?


I have seen lots of conservative politicians in the US post about drag queens, example:


I understand that some conservative politicians generally find displays of LGBTQIA+ pride to be destructive to their Christian values. But what is causing the recent outbursts against drag queens specifically? Was there a particular incident that happened?

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Unanswered What is up with hunter biden and 4chan?



Seems that people are sharing pictures of hunter and screenshots of texts.

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Unanswered What's going on with the mini-budget in the UK?



I have no idea what is happening. Tax cuts, but out of the blue? How will this work? How won't it work? WHAT IS GOING ON

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Unanswered What's going on with Doja Cat and Finn from Stranger Things?


I've seen a bunch of posts like these talking about DMs but I'm not even sure what to think of it


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Unanswered What’s up with Jeff Bezos not cool with Biden's demand for gasoline stations to cut prices?


I saw this poston WIONS NEWS about Mr. Jeff Bezos apparently not in agreement with President Biden's demand for gasoline stations to cut prices.

I’m also not 100% sure how billionaire Jeff likes high gas prices, it would be nice to know if they can lower gas prices make it more affordable for all.

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Unanswered What's the deal with Edward Snowden and crickets?


I was scrolling through Twitter a few minutes ago when I found this tweet about crickets. It seems kinda... unhinged and hilarious at first glance but I know there's gotta be a story behind it. Does anyone know what he's talking about?