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Answered What is the deal with Girlfriend Reviews getting suspended from reddit?


I just watched today's new Girlfriend Reviews video where they explain that they were harassed to tears on Twitch for playing Hogwarts Legacy, but how did that lead to a permanent suspension of all their accounts from Reddit?

Their sub r/girlfriendreviews is closed and you can see their moderator accounts are suspended.

I'm just a casual fan of their videos so I only just learned about this, but this seems ridiculous that they were banned for being the victims of harassment for playing a video game. There has to be more to this story.

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Answered What's up with bill nye the science guy?


I'm European and I only know this guy from a few videos, but I always liked him. Then today I saw this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/whitepeoplegifs/comments/10ssujy/bill_nye_the_fashion_guy/ which was very polarized about more than on thing. Why do so many people hate bill?

Edit: thanks my friends! I actually understand now :)

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Answered What's going on with everyone saying 'rock and stone'?


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Answered What is up with all of the explosions/manufacturing disasters in the US?


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Answered What's going on with classified documents being found at Biden's house?



What's going on with classified documents being found at Biden's house? How many times have documents been found? I'm just finding out about this.

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Answered What’s up with LinusTechTips and the “hard R”?


Context: https://reddit.com/r/LinusTechTips/comments/11qdx8a/oh_well/

Been seeing some posts on the LTT subreddit about some “hard R” incident on the last WAN show but I don’t know anything else about it.

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Answered What's Going On With Rick and Morty Cutting Ties with Justin Roiland?


Just saw the post hit r/all, but haven't seen any explanation. Did the guy do something? Must be a big deal if he's apparently the biggest voice actor in the show, too.


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Answered What's going on with the gop being against Ukraine?


Why are so many republican congressmen against Ukraine?

Here's an article describing which gop members remained seated during zelenskys speech https://www.newsweek.com/full-list-republicans-who-sat-during-zelenskys-speech-1768962

And more than 1/2 of house members didn't attend.

given the popularity of Ukraine in the eyes of the world and that they're battling our arch enemy, I thought we would all, esp the warhawks, be on board so what gives?

Edit: thanks for all the responses. I have read all of them and these are the big ones.

  1. The gop would rather not spend the money in a foreign war.

While this make logical sense, I point to the fact that we still spend about 800b a year on military which appears to be a sacred cow to them. Also, as far as I can remember, Russia has been a big enemy to us. To wit: their meddling in our recent elections. So being able to severely weaken them through a proxy war at 0 lost of American life seems like a win win at very little cost to other wars (Iran cost us 2.5t iirc). So far Ukraine has cost us less than 100b and most of that has been from supplies and weapons.

  1. GOP opposing Dem causes just because...

This seems very realistic to me as I continue to see the extremists take over our country at every level. I am beginning to believe that we need a party to represent the non extremist from both sides of the aisle. But c'mon guys, it's Putin for Christ sakes. Put your difference aside and focus on a real threat to America (and the rest of the world!)

  1. GOP has been co-oped by the Russians.

I find this harder to believe (as a whole). Sure there may be a scattering few and I hope the NSA is watching but as a whole I don't think so. That said, I don't have a rational explanation of why they've gotten so soft with Putin and Russia here.

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Answered What is the deal with everyone seemingly hating the Rock all of a sudden?


I thought he was one of the few benevolent hollywood personalities everyone adored, sort of like Keanu Reeves. Other than some past stuff this is the only recent sort of negative press I could find...


Is there something more to it?

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Answered What’s going on with the water situation in Arizona?


I’ve seen a few articles and videos explaining that Arizona is having trouble with water all of a sudden and it’s pretty much turning into communities fending for themselves. What’s causing this issue? Is there a source that’s drying up, logistic issues, etc..? https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/videos/us/2023/01/17/arizona-water-supply-rio-verde-foothills-scottsdale-contd-vpx.cnn

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Answered what's going on with r/gamingcirclejerk?


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Answered What’s the deal with the video of the girl at the gym?


I saw on twitter this video being shared and lots of hate comments directed at @Jessicafrndz. Is this video just the context or am I missing something?

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Answered What's going on with migrants being dropped off in front of the vice president's house?


Saw this article and was very confused why this is happening. I'm Canadian so I don't know all the ins and outs of US politics.

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Answered What is the deal with the tech industry doing layoffs?


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Answered What's up with James Cameron stating Avatar 2 needs to collect 2B$ just to breakeven when it only costed 250M$ to produce?


In an interview with GQ Magazine, James Cameron stated that the movie needs to be third or fourth highest grossing films ever to breakeven but I fail to understand how a 250 million dollar budget movie need 2 billion dollars for breakeven. Even with the delays/ promotion costs etc, 2 billion breakeven seems very high.


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Answered What is up with all these Pinocchio adaptations? When did Pinocchio become so popular?


A tom hanks movie, a Guillermo del toro movie, another weird live action movie, a Bloodborne style video game, others I’m sure. All in pretty much the same time frame.

When did Pinocchio become such a relevant cultural item that there’s all these adaptations? Why are we seeing so many Pinocchio’s??

Like this 2019 one, what the hell is this: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt8333746/

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Pinocchio I just don’t understand this surge in Pinocchio related content

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Answered What's going on with the recent "Confirmed CIA killed JFK" posts?


Starting to see this today especially in right wing twitter circles. Did the CIA declassify something that suggested they participated in the murder of JFK? https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/joe-biden/biden-releases-jfk-assassination-records-rcna61286

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Answered What's going on with so many Republicans with anti-LGBT records suddenly voting to protect same sex marriage?


The Protection of Marriage act recently passed both the House and the Senate with a significant amount of Republicans voting in favor of it. However, many of the Republicans voting in favor of it have very anti-LGBT records. So why did they change their stance?


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Answered What's going on with r/wallstreetsilver?


I used to see them turn up on r/all fairly often with pictures of people stacking their silver and talking about silver and you know... wallstreetsilvering(is that the term?), now whenever i see posts from them it all seems to be about vaccinations and politics and general conspiracy theory stuff.

As an example, i just saw this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Wallstreetsilver/comments/101ci0y/it_isnt_the_shot_its_global/ and the discussion below it, and it really has nothing to do with silver at all. Sorting by top of the month gives you more of the same thing.

Is it satire? is it serious? Is everyone just bored of silver so they wanted to do something different?

(As a sidenote, i'm not trying to start a discussion about vax vs antivax or anything else, i'm just wondering what happened to the sub that seemingly shifted its focus away from silver.)

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Answered What's going on with Graham Linehan?


I used to love Father Ted but haven't heard about anything he's done in years. Twitter keeps recommending I follow him, but looking at his account, he's gone off the deep end. He tweets several times an hour, and they all seem to be attacking trans women and trying to get noticed by Elon Musk. I couldn't scroll back far enough to find non-trans content in his account. Has be been radicalized by social media or something?



thanks everyone, this was answered! All I can say is...ooof.

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Answered What’s up with the price of used cars ?


I know during covid their was the chip shortage and raw materials shortage that caused the prices of new cars to sky rocket.Also with inflation.I never paid much attention to the used car market until recently.For context , my fiancés car was totaled in an accident (she’s ok ,as the car was hit in a parking lot)The insurance company gave her a check for $4100 for the total loss . We were actually really thrilled because her 06 Corolla was on its last leg anyway. We thought this money would be more than enough to get a reasonable used car just to get her from her A to B as she is not picky and her commute to work is 10 minutes . Wow how we were wrong. It was sticker shock at every dealership .

For example their was a 2015 Nissan Rouge with 170k miles on it for $17,000. A 2008 Toyota Camry with 175,000 miles and listed for $12,000. A 2010 Honda civic with 130k miles for $10,000. A 98 Buick century for $10,000.I think the cheapest car we saw was a 1997 dodge Dakota with 100,000miles for $6500. We talked to some salesman everywhere we went and some looked at us with 10 heads when asked if they had anything below $10,000.

We ended up getting a neighbors Elantra with 85,000ish miles for $800 and getting a new transmission in it and some other minor things to get it inspected. I think we spent $3100 total on the car and itruns great I actually use it as my daily now. Crazy how now it’s cheaper to fix a shitbox than it is to buy any of these overpriced cars that are for sale and not know what you’re getting.

They say their is a “used car shortage” but every dealership or car lot I go by they are just filled with so many cars. Will prices of used cars ever go back down ? Are these dealerships taking advantage of people during these hard times? I am genuinely curious of other peoples thoughts on this or if anyone has had a similar used car buying experience .


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Answered What’s going on with r/Gamingciclejerk and Hogwarts Legacy?


Just saw this on pop up on r/all for me: https://reddit.com/r/Gamingcirclejerk/comments/zwi19j/hey_guys_its_me_jay_kay_rowling_my_pr_manager_has/

And when reading it, it seemed like the members of that sub were mocking people who wanted to buy Hogwarts Legacy and some even went so far to say that those who did buy the game were transphobic or supporting transphobia. I know the sub is (usually) an ironic place, but I couldn’t really tell with this particular post. So I have to ask: do people in the sub unironically think people who want to buy Hogwarts Legacy hate trans people or are somehow against them? What’s the deal with that sub going hard against J.K. Rowling all of a sudden? Why are the consumers being shamed now?

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Answered What is going on with r/gamingcirclejerk and the Harry Potter game?


I am in the aforementioned sub and have seen a lot of posts about the new Harry Potter game and JK Rowling. I think it has something to do with her stance on trans people but I’m still confused.


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Answered What's the deal with so many people being Anti-Semitic lately?


People like Kanye West, Kyrie Irving, and more, including random Twitter users, have been very anti-Semitic and I'm not sure if something sparked the controversy?


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Answered What's going on with the synchronized mass layoffs?


I understand for Twitter, but what about Meta? And now rumors of Amazon? (There's probably more compagnies). Why are they all doing now and at the same time?

https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/03/tech/twitter-layoffs/index.html https://www.cnbc.com/2022/11/09/meta-to-lay-off-more-than-11000-thousand-employees.html https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/14/technology/amazon-layoffs.html