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*Announcements 2021 Xmas Update - Where have we been?


Where have we been?

For those of you who may be active on r/PeopleWhoWorkAt you may be wondering where the mods have gone. Yes, we have been lurking in the shadows, but unfortunately we haven't been around as much as we would've liked to. We're hoping to change this for 2022.

As everyone can probably agree, the current pandemic has shoved a huge spanner in the works for many lives and it certainly hasn't been any kinder to us at PWWA. The mods here at PWWA would like to wish everyone subscribed to PWWA and everyone across Reddit well, and we hope it has been this way for all of you throughout. We only hope that everyone has been safe in such an unprecedented time.

Although we may still be recovering from the current world events, we are happy to announce more exciting things coming to PWWA in 2022!

What will 2022 look like?

One thing we have learnt from the past few years is how long life may seem, but how short it really is, and we want to improve the sub based off of this. As mods we will be working hard to improve the subreddit while bringing us all together as a community.

We want all of our subscribers to feel welcome and feel like they are able to ask questions that perhaps they may think silly to ask. We want all of our subscribers to be able to learn something new from these posts and to even spark more questions based off this new understanding. We also want our subscribers to know that this isn't just a subreddit, this is a community. We're all here to help each other out.

Putting the cheesy talk aside, we are excited to grow this sub further, and we are excited that you are able to be apart of the growth too. In 2022 we are hoping to set up events, set up chat posts for relevant topics, distributing mod awards, AMA style posts for those who are willing to answer questions about their POW, and much, much more! In addition to this, we will be reviewing the sub rules and flairs in the new year too, which will be confirmed in another post.

We are currently in the process of planning all of the above however, if you feel like you may have a good idea for the sub, please don't hesitate to contact one of the mods.

Just remember, all 20.7k of you are awesome.

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Working Experience PWWA Twitter What is is like working at Twitter post Elon?


So, the question is self-explanatory.

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PWWA veterinary hospitals, what would you appreciate as a thank you from a client?


My dog is unfortunately terminally ill with cancer, and the oncology team at the vet hospital he is treating at has been amazing - I can’t say enough good things about the care they have provided him and the extra time they have given us.

Knowing his time is coming to an end, I want to do something to thank them for everything. I was originally thinking of putting together a basket of baked goods, but post pandemic I know that may not be as welcome.

For any vets, techs, and other staff of hospitals, particularly oncology teams if you’re out there, what would you really appreciate? I can buy store bought snacks and make a basket, can get lotion and sanitizers knowing how much they wash their hands, etc but appreciate any guidance from those in the field of what would be most valued and appreciated.

And thanks to all of you who are out there taking care of the pets!

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Help and Advice PWWA Subway - Is it okay to ask for your recommendations?


Long story short, I absolutely suck at social interactions, I legitimately cannot talk to people. However if i’m at a place like Subway I want to be nice and at least give off the vibe that I am friendly.

When the person at the counter is making the Sub and they say something like “what cheese?” or “which sauce?”, if I ask “what do you recommend?”, is that seen as rude?

All i’m trying to do is make conversation, but I don’t want to do it by annoying/upsetting the staff.

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PWWA boxing/MMA events, do fighters ever weigh in with a full, unashamed erection? NSFW


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Other/Misc. PWWA Amazon logistics


Why do some of the delivery drivers not follow our delivery instructions?

It says to only deliver to the porch, and not to deliver to the front door or garage.

I was told that instructions show up both when they're going to deliver, and then again when they scan it as delivered.

The odd part about this is that our delivery instructions are the quickest and easiest place to deliver our packages. We keep the porch clear and easy to get to. You can drive right up to it and it's only a short distance with nothing in the way.

But when they don't follow the instructions, they have to get out and walk further, sometimes having to weave around our cars or yard tools. Sometimes they even go into our garage and put packages behind the wheels of cars.

So I'm pretty curious why this happens, especially when they're making their delivery take longer and creating more work for themselves.

Can they really not see the delivery instructions both times?

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PWWA hospital cafeterias - do you have to stop yourself from saying “Just what the doctor ordered” multiple times each day?


I would

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Working Procedures PWWA the USPS When I return mail, does it matter what I write on it?


So I keep getting mail for my brother, who has been in jail for a long time and is not getting out anytime soon, i have filed a change of address and anything I get for him i put back in the box with "return to sender" on the front beyond that if I write "no longer at this address" or something similar does that matter to the post office or is anything after return to sender just for whom ever sent it?

r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Aug 13 '22

PWWA psychology- i want to know about it


hi, i wanna pursue psychology bt i had commerce in my jr college, can i still pursue it if yes what should i take, any college recommendation, how many years of study is required and mainly what are the career paths and the start salary ?

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Working Procedures PWWA - DoorDash, UberEats etc drivers - do you not see the same little gps map the rest of us see in the app??


r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Jul 08 '22

PWWA Mammogram Techs: What do you see when taking the images?


I’ve been very lucky in that all of my routine mammograms have been… well… routine. But I’m curious: can you see any abnormalities when you take the image? How do you respond to the patient if you do? Do you keep quiet? Give them a heads up?


r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Jul 01 '22

Company Policies PWWA Costco: Are there company instructions, guidance, etc. given to the persons who check receipts at the door about turning over a receipt and drawing on it if the customer has a little kid with them?


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PWWA mac-guggienh , guy who makes food has no hygiene common sense. Would NOT trust the food.


Sorry about formatting and spelling errors and all that! Tldr at bottom. Van: https://imgur.com/gallery/7T8fEJq (he’s located in PA but i would think he travels..)

I was a guest staying at the same hotel as this man who was driving this “mac-guggienh.com” van advertising there food. Didn’t really think much of it , it looked like good food but didnt have a second thought on it.

Later that night im just down in the lobby milling around & he comes down harshly berating the (by herself) young front desk girl about the fact HE has clogged his toilet. He asks for a plunger which she gives to him , just pointing out here that she had to come out from the front desk to grab it and handed it to him out in the open lobby, he then comes back down after about 30 minutes with a dripping wet plunger and attempting to put it on the front desk where everyones hands go , & where front desk people do their stuff. A dripping wet, was just in his dirty toilet, plunger. Me, a woman that was being checked in and the front desk girl start saying what are you doing put it on the floor and we had to repeat ourselves at least 4 times for all of us while he was standing there just staring and then says well this is how you gave it to me.

Referring back to the fact that was NOT how she had gave it to him. She passed it to him low so the plunger part wouldn’t touch anything. This man brought it back down used and attempted to pass it over the front desk like theres not stuff all over it. I was honestly horrified knowing this man makes peoples food but has no common sense when it comes to hygiene. Good luck to anyone out there who risks it because that was absolutely disgusting and more than likely explains his entire character. So goodluck to anyone trying his food. Just wanted to share this, feel like people should know who they are taking food from.

Tldr: Man who makes food for “mac-guggienh.com” attempts to pass a plunger he just used over a counter everyone touches. Obviously doesn’t have hygiene common sense.

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PWWA window cleaning companies: how do you clean the windows without leaving any streaks?


r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Jun 04 '22

PWWA airline pilots: how close do passenger jets have to be in mid-air, at altitude, to cause turbulence for each other?


Today I was on an Airbus A321neo when, about 90 minutes into the otherwise smooth 3.5 hour flight, we experienced a sudden jolt of turbulence. I’m pretty chill on planes, but it was so sudden and so jarring that it definitely spiked my adrenaline. Shortly after it happened the captain apologized and told us that another plane had passed by us too closely. 😳

How close would it have to have been to cause that turbulence? What is considered a near miss? Did I almost die today? I need to know!

Thank you.

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Company Secrets PWWA Pick Up Stix


I’m obsessed with the House chicken. Is it really a Pick Up Stix only speciality? Or if I’m at another Chinese restaurant, what is something I can order that would be similar?

r/PeopleWhoWorkAt May 18 '22

PWWA Chuy’s


Can you please please please give me the recipe for the deluxe tomatillo sauce? None of the recipes I found online taste the same and the closest Chuy’s next to me is 3 hours away and I need this sauce in my life on a daily basis!

r/PeopleWhoWorkAt May 04 '22

Pwwa cops


Have you ever actually yelled “Freeze!” while pointing your gun at a bad guy?

r/PeopleWhoWorkAt May 02 '22

PWWA hotels, how do you keep your towels and linens so white?


They're always super bright white, never stained or discolored. We've tried bleach but it seems to turn some fabrics a little bit grey. What's the secret?

r/PeopleWhoWorkAt May 02 '22

Help and Advice PWWA: Managers using religion because they don’t get the reply in group chat


In the “current” job I had, I was working there for less then 2 months. I use the word “current” because I haven’t fully resigned yet because I haven’t fully started my new job. I decided one day to not go to work, and for part timers usually don’t get paid if they don’t go to work and I don’t really care for the money anyways. She texted in the group blasting me saying, “you are a racist for not coming to work and you are a racist for not replying my messages. I will call the cops on you because you’re a racists against Muslims.”

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PWWA the blood bank, why shouldn't I lie on the questionnaire?


I've never donated blood before but I really want to. I know there's a shortage and I want to do my part, but for one reason or another I've never been able to get through the Canadian questionnaire. A lot of the ones that snag me feel like they come out of old moral panics (ie tattoos and being gay) and I'm not sure of the validity of the AIDS concern justification. Especially since all the blood is tested for bloodborne illnesses, what's the harm in lying and donating knowing I'll more/than-likely be clean? Am I missing any part of your process this would gum up? Is it really that much of a waste of your time and resources at the blood bank if I do end up having dirty blood?

r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Apr 11 '22

Company Policies PWWA: Jetstar airlines Australia as cabin crew, do you turn a blind eye to those inflatable cushions for kids?


Kooshy kids claim that their Kooshion isn’t explicitly prohibited on Jetstar and it’s up to the cabin crew if they’re allowed, so assuming they’re being unobtrusive (in a window seat or middle seat of the centre section of seats) do you generally let them be used?

I know some are prohibited explicitly by name, so am trying to work out whether I should try or not bother.

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Funny Stories PWWA places who developed photos way back in the day, what's the craziest/weirdest photos you had to develop?


r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Apr 08 '22

PWWA Coles, what sort of questions are in the video interview?


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PWWA 7-11, are you instructed to push past the "save $1" screen offered to rewards members?


PWWA 7-11, are you instructed to push past the "save $1" screen offered to rewards members?

People who work at 7-11 please tell me why this happens to me so frequently?

I'll be at the register, input my phone# while the cashier is ringing up my stuff, and then the screen will pop up saying "Save $1?" Because i'll be eligible to save $1, or $2 or whatever, and the cashier will (so often, like 85+ % of the time) just try to close the screen quickly before i can see what it says. and if i say something they'll be like "oh, you wanted to save $1?" Like of course i wanted to save $1 why else would i bother inputting my phone# on the first place?!

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PWWA car rental counters: what the hell are y’all typing?


I rented a car last week at an Avis. What’s going on over there, ya typing your doctoral thesis? Shouldn’t it be as simple as looking at the inventory and giving me the next car in my size class?