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r/Wellthatsucks 6h ago

ATM turned off after taking my deposit and did not show up on my account

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Guys does the 5-second rule work with soup?

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When you forget your new car has a sunroof..

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Staying in an Airbnb for our anniversary, put these ribs in the oven at 275 for 2.5 hours. Come back and they’re raw, and the oven is sitting at about 100 degrees. No gas was going to the oven, and the igniter was the only thing warming it.

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New phone, turned brightness down and BOOM! That's the aftermath. NSFW

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r/Wellthatsucks 23h ago

I have a choir performance tomorrow :/

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r/Wellthatsucks 3h ago

Got a hernia in my lower back and can barely stand up, I’m going to need surgery

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r/Wellthatsucks 5h ago

The only cell phone signal tower near us, they even stole the transformer!

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Got falsely accused at Walmart today for stealing a box of 99 cent Macaroni.


I went into Walmart today to look for Pokémon cards and some Squishmallows (I collect both) and they didn’t have anything I was interested in so I was walking out and two people dressed in plain clothes stop me and say “we need to look into your bag.” Me, an innocent victim, looked at them and inspected how they looked. The one girl had a drink and a few snacks in her hands and the self check out is right by the exit so I assumed she just purchased such items and the guy I assumed was her boyfriend. I came to the conclusion that this was some scheme to get my purse and steal my wallet. I told them that I didn’t take anything and I’m not letting them touch my purse. They claimed to be security and I proceeded to say “you look like random people stopping random customers asking to search their bags”, which was the perfect opportunity for them to identify themselves with an ID if they were secret shoppers or security but they didn’t. They refused to let me leave, and the girl called the cops. When I tried to leave the male “security” manhandled me against the wall and I then started to shout “LET ME GO! Get OFF ME!” My only option was to try and kick him in his balls but that was not effective. The girl gets in my face and is irrate, so I push her and she falls. Then a sworn of random people come out of nowhere to start punching me and pulling me left and right. It was a complete. Shit. Show. I had them called the cops, and they showed up immediately. I told them my side of the story, said they showed no form of identification. The cops scolded the security for that because it’s protocol. The cops ask for my consent to search my bag and I said 100% go right ahead. They found nothing from Walmart in my possession. The cops ask the girl what I stole and she said a box of MACA-FUCKING-RONI. I never walked near the food section. So I confidently told them to watch the cameras. They did just that and saw that 1.) I did indeed not steal a box of macaroni 2.) the security didn’t identify themselves 3.) I was shoved against the wall by the security guard which I don’t think is legal. The only thing I believe I shouldn’t have done is push the female. I told the cops if they wanted to press charges for me pushing the female I will sue Walmart. 10 minutes later I was given a paper to sign that meant I was banned from that walmart for 2 years. I also learned those security personal were trainees. Lessons were learned today. And my day really sucked.

TL;DR I was falsely accused of stealing a box of macaroni an it wasted the cops time because the security footage proved I didn’t even go near the food section.

r/Wellthatsucks 12h ago

Buckets of paint fell off a pallet being lifted by a forklift.

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r/Wellthatsucks 7h ago

You can bounce, but you can't jump.

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r/Wellthatsucks 1h ago

Decorated my tree this afternoon, when out in the sunroom there arose such a clatter.

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r/Wellthatsucks 5h ago

Looks like I'm not going anywhere for a while. 160' of driveway and about a 30 foot elevation difference. 😬

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Dog ate chinese food that was sitting on the bedroom dresser. Walked in to find this fortune waiting on the floor for me.

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When getting dressed in the dark only to look down upon getting to work

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r/Wellthatsucks 22h ago

I hope they get along...

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r/Wellthatsucks 9h ago

Just imagine . . .

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r/Wellthatsucks 5h ago

Bought a new coffee machine and dropped the water tank

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If you’re having a bad day, at least you didn’t faint and break your teeth (emergency splint on) 🙃

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r/Wellthatsucks 4h ago

Someone got their hot dog stolen

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r/Wellthatsucks 13h ago

Tree had 359 other degrees to choose from.

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r/Wellthatsucks 5h ago

This is why you don't use the same password for everything I guess

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r/Wellthatsucks 8h ago

Friend had a bad night

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r/Wellthatsucks 29m ago

Sliced my finger on safety scissors then ran out band-aids

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r/Wellthatsucks 7h ago

After years of looking, I finally found the tape for this game, and my mom recorded soap operas over it

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