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I am an over 40 male. Used to do weight training from 14-37. Now wife says I shouldn’t go to gym because I am trying to reclaim my youth. Is she correct in preventing me? Want to understand female perspective


I just want to get in shape and be healthier like I used to be.

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Why do we vilify tobacco use in the US but cannabis use is almost celebrated?


You are still putting chemicals into your lungs that are and will be detrimental.

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My mom will not let me possess my social security card and my birth certificate, is this legal?


She insists on hiding it in her room somewhere. I’m 20 years old. I live in Tennessee, United States.

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Can someone help me to solve this problem ?


When I try to post things on group, They say your karma is low. How to fix this problem ? I have no idea about karma or increasing it. How ?

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What is the most absurd beauty standard in your culture?


I’m curious about different cultures and enjoy learning about the differences and similarities between cultures. Recently, a few friends and I were talking about how strange some beauty standards are, and what beauty means (or what they meant) in the countries we’re from.

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Why would a girl in a relationship do this?


So there is this girl at work that is fairly attractive but she has a boyfriend. Most of the time she is friendly but at times can get very flirty and does a lot of weird flirty things to me.

So I was standing and talking to another girl coworker about a project. She approaches both of us from the back and immediately stands super close to me. Then she even gets closer to me and starts leaning on my back. Basically she started pressing up her chest area into me. I moved a little and she followed me and pressed up again. I felt her breast area.

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Is it rude to cry about a former lover's death while with another partner?



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Do you read for pleasure?


What genre do you read? How many books do you read in a year?

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Do you think it's weird and inappropriate to give a compliment to a stranger/ someone you don't know?



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What is the appeal or attraction that has girls crossing their eyes and sticking their tongue out?


I mean my opinion it’s really stupid looking. But on other sites where you can post pics you find them. Can someone tell me where this started and what’s the reason near every girl needs to do it?

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Can you have different love languages with different people?


For example: Touch being irritating with one person then, a strong desire and comfort to touch another?

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What would you say if you had to describe your life in one sentence?


A book asked me to do this for myself and I'm having trouble.

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What should I do about my best friend’s girlfriend? NSFW


Ok she flirts with me quite a bit she has walked on me showering and said she thought it was my friend when he wasn’t home that’s happened twice now and she walked into my room in practically see through underwear and a bra looking for something my friend needs it’s 6:14 am he doesn’t get up until 11:00 am need help this relationship is all he has

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Fellow night owls what do you enjoy about the night?



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ladies, what do you want our first words to be when we ask you out for coffee or something?


maybe you can help me out

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Something is going on with me?


Recently I have been forgetting things really quick and when someone tells me something, I do the opposite and my brain tells me that I did it right. For example, my friend told me to write 703 and I wrote 503 and she told me that I wrote 5 instead of the 7, and my brain for some reason still said it was right, I couldn’t see anything wrong until my friend pointed out my error. This probably is because Im tired, Im only 17, but it’s becoming constant that it now concerns me.

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Favorite Disney character?


There isn’t any limit to how many you choose for this question.

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What are the point of cufflinks?


I never understood what they are for. Do they serve an actual purpose or just for looks?

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Hey, how much karma does it take to write anything with more than 10k subs? Or is this some kind of joke? Many thanks to those who allow new accounts to develop!



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How often do you go out (Alone/With friends)?


I prefer going out alone 95% of the time and I go out almost everyday (mall, coffee shop, etc) so I’m curious how often others go out both when they’re alone and when they’re with their friends.

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Redditors: What is/was High School like?



I am going into High School next year (9th-12th grade; Ages 14-18 in America) and I'm nervous. What is/was High School like for you?

Answers from current High Schoolers/people who graduated in the last 3 years would be appreciated, however, any answer is welcome!

Thank you!!

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ruin my weekend pls — what’s a fact i probably didn’t know, and probably didn’t want to know??


sources if you got em!

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why does my reddit homepage never show the newest entries?


I don't know how to change it.

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What is a movie name that has two words, the first one starting with "F" and the second one starting with "R"?


If this ain't the sub for the job, please direct me in the right direction.

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How to deal with jealous thoughts every time I’m in a situation where there’s someone more attractive or better than me in some way?


For example, I’m with any girl in public and there’s a guy that’s better looking I just start thinking extremely jealous thoughts about how he’s way better than I am and she’s probably so in love him. Even if I’m just friends with her it makes me feel so shitty and inferior

I starting feeling like this in so many life situations it doesn’t have to involve a girl.

I know it originates from my crazy insecurities but how do I stop the thoughts when they happen?

Cause no matter what I do I ain’t ever looking as good as some of ya’ll with them good genes