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/r/all Chesapeake Public Schools will allow an After School Satan Club, and parents are losing their shit. Local law professor claps back: "If the school is going to allow one religious club to meet, all other clubs have the right to meet regardless of ideology."

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Why isn't believing that god is talking to you not considered a form of psychosis?


How is believing that some invisible thing is talking to you not considered a form of psychosis?

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When people claim Nazis were atheists...


I just found this quote from no other than Heinrich fucking Himmler:

Heinrich Himmler was a strong promoter of the gottgläubig movement and did not allow atheists into the SS, arguing that their "refusal to acknowledge higher powers" would be a "potential source of indiscipline". Himmler announced to the SS: "We believe in a God Almighty who stands above us; he has created the earth, the Fatherland, and the Volk, and he has sent us the Führer. Any human being who does not believe in God should be considered arrogant, megalomaniacal, and stupid and thus not suited for the SS."

So, happy to announce to you guys that we are not suited for the SS!

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God is a human concept.


Do snails go around wondering about god, praying to god, worrying about committing sins? Do dogs, and cats?

No, only humans.

We’re supposed to be the most intelligent species, and yet… ugh.

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In 2022, 22% of voters claimed no religious affiliation. They overwhelmingly voted Democrats over Republicans by 65% to 31%. "We are trying to keep church and state separate. That encompasses LGBTQIA+, COVID science, bodily autonomy and reproductive rights."

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Iran to disband morality police amid ongoing protests, says attorney general

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My mother suggested I enroll my 1 yo in Sunday school to meet other moms…


“But I don’t have to go to anything else.” Let’s just ignore the early indoctrination, right?

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'Holi-Drag Storytime' for children canceled because of right-wing protesters

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Are religions more hostile towards atheists than each other?


This might be just me, but I sometimes get the impression like followers of (mostly Abrahamic) religions are more hostile towards atheists than each other. Mind you, I am not saying that different religions are not hostile to each other, they often are. I just sometimes get the impression like they throw more vitriol towards atheists.

Thinking about it, I came up with an analogy that might explain this if it is even a thing:

Imagine religions like different car manufacturers. They're all selling a product to the same market and compete with each other over shares of this market. Other manufacturers/religions are competitors cutting in on your business, but at the end of the day, you both have a vested interested in sustaining the market itself.

But atheists aren't like another car company. They're like activists advocating for more bicycle infrastructure, better public transportation and walkable cities so that people have the freedom not to use cars at all. To put it another way, atheists by our mere existence, are a threat to the very market itself and thus to all companies holding shares of said market.

Am I onto something here or am I just seeing things?

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The IRS routinely lets right-wing churches break tax law & endorse political candidates. The wall that separated church and state is crumbling at a time when Christian nationalism is on the rise in the GOP.

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/r/all Judge blocks Indiana abortion ban on religious freedom grounds

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A World Without Christianity.


What do you think our world would look like without Christianity? A lot of people seem to think we wouldn't be as advanced as we are today. I don't see how this is possible, people had civilizations, houses, and cultures before Christianity. I think a lot of Christians tend to answer this hypothetical and give Christianity more respect than it deserves. I personally think that the world could have advanced in a more sustainable direction. I believe this religion created a lot of financial greed and only started so peasants could stay poor. Without Christianity, we probably wouldn't have Islam either. What would the middle east look like? Maybe Europeans would've never left Europe for the Americas. What would this look like?

What do you think? Do you think Christianity played a big role in our advancements?

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Preacher talking to invisible people… how are these people allowing this?

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You have a problem offer it up to god


This quote in the bible might be some of the worst advice out there. Have problems. Nah, don’t face them yourself. Instead run away from it and give it to the invisible man in the sky. That’s fucked up. I hate when people say that as advice.

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My parents were recently trying to convert me back to Catholicism.


Oh man, I haven't posted in this sub for a long time.

I'm a 13 year old boy who was born into a Catholic family. I became an atheist a few years after I had my communion, and the reason was because I didn't find lots of evidence that God was real. I respect the religion of my family, but they tried to convert me back to Catholicism due to me being an angry teenager.

I politely told my mom that it hurt my feelings, so she stopped. My dad also tried to convert me, but he stopped after I politely told him to.

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Religious tolerance: atheist "convert" vs. raised atheist


My parents were both raised Catholic, realized their atheism in adulthood, and raised me accordingly. I'm from a very christian area of the US so I haven't been around a lot of kids raised the same way, so I wanted to see if y'all had noticed anything similar -- I feel like I am less hostile (? maybe too harsh a word?) towards religious people than my parents.

Christianity seems like a red flag for them, whereas I worry more about the individual's values (do they use religion to excuse homophobia? intolerance towards other religious groups? etc.) and religion is just sort of a cultural difference.

I'm sure there are lots of atheist "converts" that feel the same way as me (my partner is one), but I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed an anecdotal trend like this in atheists who were raised religious vs. non religious?

Also, religious trauma etc. is a terrible weight to carry and I don't want to like, write off how that might make one be on guard. I don't think there's anything wrong with not wanting to be around devout people after an upbringing like that! Stats on how institutional religion impacts bigotry backs you up there. And I get how being around people of such a massively different worldview could be grating.

I pass no judgement on either mindset. I hope I didn't sound self-righteous bc that is in no way my intent, I'm just not a very eloquent person lol.

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Can't wait 'til we discover the reason for "disappearing cancer"


Because I always get that as the reason people undoubtedly know the Abrahamic god is real. They always have a friend, a friend of a friend or a child of a friend that had cancer and one day it just vanished.

Just bc we do not understand something yet, there's 100% a god. I mean, f*ck the other millions who died of cancer or are going into debt, right? At that point I bring up that people used to think eclipses were proof of the existence of a god. Echo, rain, lightning, storms, etc... all were attributed to some supernatural occurrence.

Nowadays, everything people don't understand is the devil. (tech, music, cartoons) Drives me nuts too.

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Religious programming in state university recreational center


I attend a large state university in the south. At the gym, there are so many TVs that you can always see at least two screens. I went really early one time (6am) and noticed there was a church service on, and just assumed it was the channel they had left it on for sports the day before. Today, however, I was there 9 to 11 and found it super annoying that there was a hipster televangelist pastor on every screen. I thought maybe it was for the same reason, but as soon as the service ended, the TVs changed to some World Cup news show (not even the game that was on- also annoying), so it seemed intentional that the service was on.

What should I say in my email to the administrator? While there are students of every culture that use the Urec, our campus is majority conservative Christian. I don't want them to feel validated for 'spreading the word' by my complaint, and begrudgingly oblige. I want them to understand that this is offensive and inappropriate.

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I ignored the Salvation Army bell ringers today. Felt good.


Normally I avoid large stores like the plague during December. But my kid needed specific items for a school project. Besides the Salvation Army, the local fire department was also doing a toy drive. I bought 3 new toys inside and gave them to the firemen right in front of the SAs.

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Freedom of religion should not be absolute...


If your religion discriminated lgbt people I have no problem saying your religion is fucked and I hope you ban it.

If your religion involves sacrificing humans, of course such action should be banned..

I don't get why people think religious freedom is more important.

What brought this on was how salvation army is popping up. Anyways, I looked up their stance in Canada where I live. It might be different in USA, but since Canada has protections for lgbt members I thought of reading up on them.

they claim they will not discriminate or cause harm according to the law but will not change their doctrine.

In other words, they will probably still say gay people are sinners, but because we are legally obliged, we will service you but with a frown and all the while still mouthing off what dirty sinners you are. /s

You, as an individual are free to practice your religion, but you are not free from consequences. Any time I call out homophobia, be they Muslim or christian, they come at me with freedom of relIgion. No one is stopping you. No one is saying you'll be arrested. But you are a fucking ass.

Just like when a university posted a picture with lesbian hijabis, muslims got mad and said that's not freedom of expression. (Here we have freedom of expression). Fuck off. you want rules to be authoritarian, that is trying to change freedom of expression.

Too bad the university caved. I mean the consequences of Muslims saying they mad are fine. But what worries me is how some want the law to change. "That's not freedom of expression we should ban this." Like no fuck off. Express your displeasure, but don't you dare imply the law should change. Absolute tools

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Kanye is emblematic of christianity


His warped, contradictory, persecution-mania 'ideas' fit right into mainstream christian history. He ain't an aberration . Any craziness or scumminess in his stated views is the fruit of a couple centuries of christian depravity.

Esp his anti-semitism. The founder of Protestantism would have retweeted him with approval.

On the Jews and Their Lies - Wikipedia

He's just saying the quiet part outloud.

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Chatgpt AI prompted to write about people who dont believe in evolution sarcastically


Here is an example of what the next page of a 3rd grade book about evolution might say about why some religious people do not accept evolution, written in a sarcastic tone:

"Now, let's talk about the people who don't believe in evolution. You know, the ones who think that the world was created in six days by a magical being who lives in the sky. Because clearly, that makes much more sense than the overwhelming evidence that supports the idea of evolution.

I mean, who needs facts when you have faith, right? And who cares about the fossil record or comparative anatomy or genetic analysis? It's much easier to just stick your fingers in your ears and chant "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" whenever someone tries to explain how evolution works.

But hey, if you want to believe in a fairy tale instead of a scientific theory, that's your choice. Just don't expect the rest of us to take you seriously. And please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don't try to teach your delusions to your kids. They deserve a real education, not a bunch of made-up nonsense."

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I’m agnostic and I’m just fucking sick of intrusive thoughts of God


So I have deconverted from Catholicism a few months ago, but I still have the feeling in the back of my mind that there’s a higher power waiting to punish me.

Please, everyone, make me an atheist. Throw all your best arguments at me. Thank you.

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I made the mistake of meeting with a religious recruiter(?)


I know it was a stupid decision, but I was curious about the differences between Catholicism and Lutheranism. I was approached by three students while I was waiting in my college building and ended up agreeing to meet for coffee.

Fast forward to today and hoo boy, that was a mistake. She insisted the Bible has never been edited and its completely faithful to the original script (which is highly unlikely) and says that you can be forgiven of anything if you accept Jesus and repent. I asked “what about truly awful people” and she reiterated her point. And also that homosexuals make a mockery of god and the bible and that its a choice and they should come to Jesus before they’re left to their carnal pleasures. And that there’s successful conversion ‘therapies’. And that its a shame that they’re no longer able to tell homosexuals as such. And that the bible is becoming hated.

Homie. If the bible is becoming disliked mainstream, there’s a reason for it. And telling people that god loves you even though you’re disgusting and sinful isn’t likely to get you many supporters nowadays.

All in all, 0/10 won’t engage again

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Praying our problems in a cathedral 80miles away


So, today, forcefully I went to this cathedral which is 80ms away from here, it is pretty famous tho i don't find anything special about it... We went there because my parents thought that "The problems are not getting solved because we have not gone to that church".... i was like bruhhhhhhh wtffff so we went in there, dad was like "pray about your health issues, it will go away fo sure"..... a thought popped in my mind 'if the prayer won't work doesn't that basically means, we can sue them' ...... this is really crazyy man, my parents are brainwashed so muccchhhh, how do people have so much faith in it???? I dont get it.....ALSO my mom said that she fekt vibrations/energy while prayyingggg....huhhhh