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Cat Picture My cat was attacked by a bobcat two weeks ago and had one of his eyes removed. He got his stitches out yesterday and he is doing great! Help me pick out a pirate name for my sweet boy! We’ve been calling him “Billie Eyeless”

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Cat Picture share silly pictures of your kitty in the comments below! here's a goofy picture of mine to start 😺

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Cat Picture i need to see your cats, i’ll show mine too

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Cat Picture Is there a reason my cat lays on me and leaves her mouth open anytime I look at her? She looks like a doofus

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Cat Picture I just found out that you can send pictures in the comments so please send me the weirdest picture you have if your cat! I’ll go first

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Cat Picture The stray cat I brought home from Greece has never seen snow before, welcome to Canada buddy!

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Cat Picture What is my cat doing to my other cat??? He will do these little chirps and follow her around mounting her like this but why? They are both fixed so he can’t be in heat. NSFW

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Cat Picture UPDATE! Kratos has made a huge improvement overnight. He is even purring! He is making eye contact and moving it’s absolutely incredible! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!! NSFW

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Cat Picture This is My Deployment Kitten CJ, he's being shipped home!

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Cat Picture Strangest names for cats? When I used to tell people what my cats had done they would ask which one’s that? So I would say it’s the Biggin or littlin and there have been called that ever since. So I was wondering does your cat/s have a unusual name too?

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Cat Picture Be nice… Does my new foster kitty have strange features? Something seems off with his face and I can’t figure if I’m seeing things… he’s beyond sweet. His name is Sprig.

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Cat Picture He might not be winning any beauty contests, but The Squeaks is still the handsomest little idiot I know.

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Cat Picture Why do cats bring their owners ''gifts'' of dead animals? NSFW

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Cat Picture Disagree.

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Cat Picture You made a very bad decision meow! its our rice! NSFW

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Cat Picture Adopted the cutest stray I’ve ever met 🥺 My bf named her Edith (aka Edee) 🧡

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Cat Picture Cat got scratched somehow when outside, what do I do?

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I've cleaned it with antiseptic and wiped with paper towel. Anything else I can do?

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Cat Picture what breed is my cat? wrong answers only

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Cat Picture Kratos Update! Our boy walked today climbed right into my sons lap. His red blood cells are stable and they removed his catheter. Next milestone is removing his feeding tube. They even talked home care today. 🙏🏻 NSFW

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Cat Picture Thought I’d gone mad 3 weeks ago when I couldn’t find this shallot while making dinner. This morning I hear a noise… he’s stolen it as a toy!

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Cat Picture this is Jax. Jax is having lower urinary tract problems and his dad is tired of seeing him in obvious pain. we've been to the vet several times over 2 weeks but no improvement. does anyone have any tips for getting him to drink more water?

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Cat Picture Show me your cats, because... i love cats. Here's Avelia;

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Cat Picture Why does everyone think their cats are distinct breeds? Aren't most just a bit of everything unless you pay a fortune?

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Cat Picture If I fits, I sits.

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Cat Picture Yves arrived at home 20 minutes ago and immediately started his shift at the bakery