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Solved [TOMT][SONG][80'S(?)] duet between a man and a woman where the male has an 'ugly' voice


Answer: 7 Seconds by Youssou N'Dour and Neheh Cherry (2004).

I'm relatively sure its a 80s pop/love song, a duet between a man and a woman. Whereby the man has a weird sounding voice. Like he has something stuck in his throat, like a hot potato or something. I dont have a lot of information, and the information i do have i'm not sure about.

[edit] you might say it sounds a bit 'kermit the frog'-y, but lower.

I'm sure it must be a well-know song. Though clearly not popular enough to make into most 80s playlist - since i have scrobbled through most of them. I've been look for this song for three days and its driving me up the walls insane.

[edit 2] It has been solved!!![https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmytongue/comments/10touw7/comment/j78fa2z/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmytongue/comments/10touw7/comment/j78fa2z/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)

Thank you to everyone who helped search for an answer. It's actually the song 7 Seconds by Youssou N'Dour and Neheh Cherry (2004). I'd have never guessed it could be such a modern song and feel bad for guessing the era so wrongly. I also feel bad for calling his voice ugly, I had no other way to describe it. I guess it's very personal since my wife strongly disagrees with me in my description.

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Solved [TOMT][NPR Style Podcast] A science podcast like 'Stuff You Should Know' but shorter and funnier


Answer: How To Do Everything

I think the podcast was an NPR production, but if it wasn't, it had that feel. It had a name similar to "Stuff You Should Know". It was cancelled eventually, but the last time I heard it was in 2017.

The hosts were two guys, both very funny. They took letters and calls from listeners and found scientific answers to their questions.

The episodes were all pretty short, I don't think longer than 20 minutes.

It was not This American Life, or Radiolab, or Snap Judgement.

I remember one episode was about the 'spider goat', which had to do with genetically modifying a goat so that spider silk was in its milk or something wild like that.

Another episode was about which stall in a public bathroom is the cleanest on average.

I bet y'all can find this one, and I really appreciate it. Thanks

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Solved [TOMT] Song with guy speaking monotone and fast


Was in a grocery store a year ago and this song came on. It’s a man almost just speaking very fast for a long time followed by the only lyrics I can remember “Ride ______ ride”. Have no clue how old the song is but I’d say pretty old likes 80s maybe?I could be totally off. The speaking part sounded like the rem end of the world song with the fast talking. It just wasn’t quite that fast.

Horrible song, but it’s driving me nuts and I’m even considering it was a dream.

Edit: just remembered that I think the “ride ______ ride” part was sung by women.

Edit: the guy sounds like an older, nerdy, white guy and the music has a bit of a twangy feel maybe?

Edit: maybe ride Sally ride? My brain says that but probably not. And definitely not Al Green.

Edit: leading possibility so far is a mustang sally remake. But not 100% sure.

Edit: when the guy is talking/singing there’s very little music or anything.

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Open [TOMT] [CARTOON] help me find these cartoons please


There are 3 characters, they are all pink, one of the 3 is stupid, they are on the beach on a pier, they are always building things and everything goes wrong, they create ramps, planes, there is also an ice cream cart, please help my friends They say it was a dream, but no, I didn't dream it, I'm not crazy, I know I saw them, please help me!!

r/tipofmytongue 1h ago

Solved [TOMT][SONG][1980-ish]


Heavy metal song, probably 1980s, the singer sounded like Ronnie James Dio? I don’t think it was him, it might have been, but I don’t remember the song being under the name “Dio”.

Here’s a vocaroo https://voca.ro/1bkkk0agfLbY

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Open [TOMT][Movie] Child in a devil costume at a birthday party? NSFW


So there’s this movie (or it could be a TV show) most likely from the late 80s to the early 2000s (I’d say no later than 2009) that my brother and I both remember.

The scene we remember has to do with a kid in a devil costume at a halloween or birthday party (a party for children) and he kind of goes around this party. I distinctly remember seeing like a bowl of green grapes. Then the part that stood out to us the most was someone was laying on their side, and the kid turns them over and the persons face is essentially gone. Almost like if someone threw acid on their face.

Note: we’ve asked other people and the movie is not the sixth sense nor problem child (those two came up a lot as guesses).

Any guesses?

r/tipofmytongue 6h ago

Solved [TOMT][MUSIC][1980s] A song I heard at an 80s bar last night that sounds like Yoshi's Island


I was at a bar playing mostly 80s music, and there was a song I heard that I liked but wasn't able to Shazam in time. I didn't hear much of the lyrics, but I distinctly recall the melody being reminiscent of the Yoshi's Island Flower Garden music.

I'd appreciate if anyone could tap into their 80s music knowledge and help me out!

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Solved [TOMT] [Pokémon Move] A Pokémon Move with a hilariously bad animation?


There was a move on a 3DS Pokémon game that had a hilariously bad animation. I think the Pokémon was a legendary (possibly cresselia or arceus) where they were traveling through space in a weird kind of bouncy way. I'm pretty sure it was a signature move or something.

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Solved [TOMT] What are these mysterious songs people are singing in my street at night? I know I have heard them before...


Every Monday night I hear these songs echoing through my street, sung by a group of men. I know I've heard them before but I just can't put my finger on it...

Recording of the singing

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Solved [TOMT] [word] another way of saying “in on the joke”


You know when a movie is kind of a parody of itself, or when they remake it but kind of make fun of it at the same time like 21 jump street, what’s that called? It’s not spoof or parody.

r/tipofmytongue 3h ago

Open [TOMT][MOVIE][30ies-60ies] Old black and white gangster movie where suspect sneezes


I spent too much time searching on Google for this...

I watched this movie when I was a kid. It's and old black and white gangster movie where we see the bad guys organize and commit a theft.

During the theft, a gangster which has a cold sneezes or cough and is heard from a good guy (inspector/watch guard ?) but not seen.

During the last part of the movie we see the good guy investigating. In the last scene of the movie, he is in a public transportation and the guy sitting in front of him sneezes. When the good guy gives him back its hat or something, he realizes this is the thief because of the sneeze.

Thanks a lot in advance !

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Open [TOMT] [SONG/MV] [2000S] Song by Japanese male soloist


I’m looking for a song by a 90s-00s Japanese male rock artist, pretty sure it was a soloist but could have been a band. I’ve gone through the more popular artists I used to listen to (L’arc-en-ciel, Dir En Grey, Miyavi, the usual stuff) but I haven’t been able to find the MV I’m looking for.

The MV includes the vocalist standing against a glass pane, and near the beginning he breathes on it? I can’t remember the exact tune of the song itself but I’m pretty sure it had a sensual feel.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

r/tipofmytongue 8h ago

Open [TOMT][MOVIE/TV][90s-00s]A scene of a man falling down a hill for a comically long time


I believe it was in a horror movie, but I’m not sure. At one point the guy clearly stands up and somersaults himself forward to keep the “fall” going.

Edit: confirmed with a friend it was in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie… now just need to find the scene

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Open [TOMT] A book about young lovers


Two young cancer survivors who are about high school age run away and fall in love. The cancer returns for the male protagonist and she stays with him until he passes. I can't remember the author's name or the book name! Please help, I want to recommend it to a friend

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Solved [TOMT] [BOOK] The Life of a Possibly Inhuman In-Vitro Girl?


I don't remember the title or the author but this was a book we read for class in middle school (a decade ago).

The main character was a girl who I think was a product of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and she slowly sees signs that she may not be human. I think one of the examples was how she scraped her knee after falling and something was wrong with her blood, either she didn't bleed or she bled a lot or the blood was a different color, something odd. If I'm remembering correctly the wound may have also instantly healed itself or something?

I remember the book also discussing the dystopian nature of the world, how there was a huge pandemic sweeping the nation and I think particularly California? Maybe the setting was in California?

I think the main character's name might be Emily but I could be completely wrong.

r/tipofmytongue 15m ago

Open [TOMT] [SONG] Dad looking for an old country(?) song based on some lyrics, help?


The lyric that has been stuck in his head for year is: “And kids with no daddies at the Saturday matinee”

About a kid who gets a nickel to see a movie on their own, possibly like a coming of age song. He thinks it was upbeat.

Thanks for any assistance!

r/tipofmytongue 28m ago

Open [TOMT][VIDEO][2018-2019(?)] Fat Chinese guy and his friends destroys unlimited bbq/buffet restaurant and ate so much that a manager asked to pay them to leave.


I think I saw it as a Facebook video before. I remember them having stacks of empty plates on their table. Captions during the video are "SO brave, let's teach him/them a lesson" or something to that effect.

r/tipofmytongue 30m ago

Open [TOMT] [Cartoon Series] [2000s] Chinese cartoon about two factions of transfomer-like robots fighting


I've been trying to find for the longest time this cartoon from my childhood. There's is this human child who gets transported to another world with transfomer-like robots who are warring. There is one faction which transforms into vehicles and one which transforms into beasts. The main character robot has a skill that makes them power up under the moon. Story involves a lot of alliances and betrayal, etc. On the beasts side there are characters which are like skeletal and move around by rolling like tumbleweeds. If anyone has any idea would be a huge help!

Edit: Human child was playing a computer game one night when lightning struck and he was transported into the game.

r/tipofmytongue 3h ago

Solved [TOMT][BOOK] A children's book from the 60's or 70's about a giant chicken


r/tipofmytongue 51m ago

Open [TOMT](Movie/TV) Known Traitor Outed


So the spy ballon conversation has this scene weighing on me and I just cant place it. In my head it takes place in an organized crime or gang situation. I can almost picture the scene going down at like a banquet table, or bar with a bunch of people around. Basically the "gang" has a traitor in their ranks (possible a double who "defected" from another organization), an up and comer (maybe the MC?) outs and possibly kills the traitor in front of the group and the boss to which the boss gets angry and replies something like "I KNEW he was a traitor, and now THEY know I knew" and then possibly gives a lecture of thinking multiple steps ahead.

Thats all Ive got, its mostly fuzzy do hopefully I didnt cloud any details.

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Open. [TOMT] live action fnaf(?) video on YouTube, heavy gore.


I remember watching on YouTube a video that was like a fnaf movie trailer but went haywire don’t hug me I’m scared/ Too many cooks style. It was set in a house ( who’s layout looked like that of popee and buddies ((another obscure fnaf game)) where Freddy and a couple other animatronics torment a family of five or so (mom, sister, two boys and a grandparent?) they kill the mom and grandparent, impregnate the sister (or maybe she was already pregnant? I don’t remember but I do remember a hand puppet like animatronic getting to close for comfort to her belly) and force the boys to do the survive until six am shtick. The boys fail and one is killed, the video ending with one of them crawling down a bloody hallway away from Freddy, while his entire lower half is gone with his small intestines dragging behind him. I’m fairly certain that this video is not a dream because of the fact that I almost never dream of gore and when I do I’m never scared by it.

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Open [TOMT][word] a noun for a bothersome amount of something


like a bothersome/annoying/inconvenient amount of something that must be dealt with, and wouldn't be a problem in a smaller quantity. distinctly negative, unlike "shitload" which can have some neutral, or even positive uses. example context: "it was so far back in the shed that i had to move a [word i'm looking for] of stuff to even get to it."

the only word that came to mind is "hassle-ton" but i'm pretty sure that's not a real word.

edit 1: i don't think profanity (like "fuckton" or "shitload") was part of the word. based on where i'm from, it could possibly be a colloquialism from the US South

edit 2: i'm pretty sure the typical phrasing was "a [word] of [plural nouns]"

tia for your help!

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Open [TOMT] Movie or show? Idk !


I only remember a snibbit of the show, but from what I recall the main character lived in a rundown trailer with his mother. They were gypsies, I think. Their closest neighbor was a sickly kid who looked like a vampire, who lived in a mansion with his mother and sister (who was very ugly), but I can't remember if it was a supernatural movie/show. Anyway, the mother was talking to a monkey demi god, or something..and she was going a little crazy. Ended up that she was hallucinating the whole time.

I also remember there being a scientist that the mother was in cahoots with who was growing a body for the daughter to transfer into..or something.

Anyone know what this is? I can't figure it out ugh.

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Open [TOMT] [Game] [2015]


I am trying to renner the name of a game that i played in 2015 where you were trying to build a hospital. It was very very cartoonish and cute.

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Open [TOMT][CARTOON][2000s] A cartoon show about a park maintenance worker



I'm looking for a 2d animated cartoon, with a main male character: round head, simple facial features, white skin and brown hair, no beard or moustache. I think he's wearing a white long sleeve shirt and olive green/greenish brown overalls and a flat cap hat.

There are talking animals, like a fox and an owl. He had a wheelbarrow and he was cleaning or maintaining a park, the kind you'd find in a big city, with trees and paths and benches. The plot was very slice of life, low stakes and calm atmosphere.

The animation style was very simple, most likely cell shading, if that. I remember watching it around 2005ish, plus or minus a few years. It was made in the early 00s, maybe late 90s.

It is NOT Ranger Rob, Brickleberry, A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith or Leo The Wildlife Ranger.

Thanks for reading, and extra thanks if you know what it is!