If any post or comment breaks any of the rules or guidelines of woahdude, it may be removed. Users may be temporarily or permanently banned with or without warning at our discretion. It is your responsibility to know these rules and guidelines prior to participating here. No loopholes. If you attempt to dodge the spirit of the rules, you will be banned. If you're a rule breaker or being a douche, don't expect the mods to just sit there and take your abuse or nonsense. We reserve the right to clap back.


What is "WoahDude material"?

WoahDude is for links to material that is trippy or mesmerizing. Often this includes material that was created specifically to be consumed by people when they are high on drugs.

Psychedelic, mind-bending, mesmerizing, reality-distorting, or trippy games, video, audio & images.

  • We are NOT a "reaction subreddit".

  • We are NOT a subreddit about interesting or amazing content.

  • We are NOT interchangeable with /r/pics, /r/gifs, /r/damnthatsinteresting or other general subreddits.

  • We are specifically made for psychedelic content, trippy or mesmerizing stuff that will make a sober person feel stoned, or stoned person trip harder! We're not about posting things that are merely neat or amazing, but instead, things that sort of mess with your mind, warp your reality.

Mindfucks and self-inflicted gaslighting. Or the hypnotic or mesmerizing. Vivid colors, intense patterns. Mind-blowing science and philosophy. Chill or trippy music. Surrealism, absurdism and strangeness.

Think of the bizarre, erratic and psychedelic nature of Adult Swim. Or the wondrous, mind-expanding, awe-inspiring nature of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Or even the reality distorting, confusing, mind-fucking nature of Eternal Darkness for GameCube. We're all of that.

WoahDude material

The following examples are a non-exhaustive list

NOT WoahDude material

  • Rarity: Rare talents, dangerous stunts, extreme human abilities, 1-in-a-million shots, sports highlights, abnormally large or small or old or expensive examples of objects, physical deformity or mutation, etc.
  • Bullshit peddling: Pseudoscience, paranormal activity, cryptozoology, hoaxes, etc.

    This type of trippiness is not allowed in WoahDude. It would totally flood our subreddit with stuff that's better suited for larger general subreddits like /r/videos, /r/gifs, etc. where these things are already very common.

Please note that while the above descriptors on our list are good reductive examples of what belongs in this subreddit, they don't guarantee content that fits said descriptors also fits our holistic purpose for what belongs in this subreddit. For example, you'll also notice that "slow motion" is on the list, however if you take any random gif and apply slow motion to it, that doesn't automatically guarantee that it has been turned into material suitable for the subreddit. Nor are random charts from your school textbook guaranteed to qualify under "data visualizations". All posts must also satisfy the overarching theme of the subreddit.

What is considered trippy or mesmerizing is extremely subjective. But /r/WoahDude moderators cannot sit idle and give all material a free pass under the umbrella of "subjectivity". That would inevitably lead to our subreddit being overrun by non-stoners who will downvote many forms of stoner entertainment (such as trippy music videos and sandbox games) that aren't immediately trippy to them (or even appreciated at all) by their sober mindstates. This has already begun to happen to a certain extent, which is why mods may sometimes appear to be strict. If a mod ever seems like s/he is being unfair in a post removal, feel free to politely discuss it with them. We will consider all polite feedback and it will shape our thoughts when making future decisions. We really don't want to be nazis, we promise. We just want to preserve the integrity of our subreddit, and sometimes decisions are made that can lead to frustration.

This place is for stoners first and foremost. Sober people are guests in our house. As harsh as that may sound, there's plenty of other subreddits around here. Let the stoners have their home! If you're a non-stoner, please stop downvoting our music videos and sandbox games just because you "don't get it" :)

If you cannot accept or understand our rules and guidelines for what sort of material belongs here, you will be banned, as we prefer you do not participate at all. We will maintain the integrity and original purpose of our subreddit. As such, spreading misinformation about what belongs in this subreddit is grounds for a ban, especially by telling a user that approved material doesn't belong here (so if you honestly believe a post does not meet even a SINGLE ONE of the criteria listed above, the safest option is to simply use the REPORT button under the post or send a modmail). It's your responsibility to know the rules before accusing others of breaking them. Also, submitting content that doesn't belong may get you a suspension or ban, depending on your willingness to review this section and ability to learn what belongs. It's not a form of punishment, but rather a way to protect the subreddit from misuse.

Do you believe our requirements are...

Reason: Without this rule, our subreddit would become indistinguishable from the general subreddits.


Toxic behavior of any kind is not compatible with the relaxed stoner atmosphere of our subreddit and may result in a no-warning ban. This includes (but is not limited to) trolling, vote brigading, comment brigading, drama brigading, baiting, harassing, taunting, insulting, spoiling, threadjacking, being antagonistic, needlessly negative or bothering users or mods will not be tolerated. This includes making snide, condescending remarks such as "im14andthisisdeep" or "iamverysmart". Luckily such behavior is rare here, but when it does happen it will result in an instant, no warning ban or temp ban. This even applies to users who are participating in such behaviors towards woahdude or its users from outside the subreddit.

This also includes racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted comments. Be careful with that sort of language, even if you're "joking". Free speech is a very important and valuable part of democracy. However, this subreddit is not a free speech zone. This is a very specialized subreddit. In a very real sense, it's a safe space for high people. This is why we don't tolerate anything that can harsh mellows (at least not without a BAD VIBES tag). If you want to get angry or talk about touchy subjects, there are many other subreddits better suited for that for you to go to, which we encourage you to visit, especially if the discussion is important to have.

Furthermore we reserve the right to remove users who engage, have a history of engaging, or who are likely to engage in any form of toxic behavior including spreading lies, misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, hate speech, anti-science, radicalism, cult activity or any other hateful, violent, or toxic nonsense in our subreddit or anywhere else.

Do not troll, antagonize or tamper with mod posts, announcements or bots in any way, for any reason.

Failure to understand what qualifies as woahdude material has been such a major problem that we've been forced to have /u/automoderator sticky post an explanatory comment on every woahdude submission by default. This single decision has had the single most profound impact of anything we've done in helping users understand what this subreddit is about and has massively reduced the number of post violations. Do not threadjack the sticky comment for any reason. It's not the place for you to debate or complain about our rules, their enforcement, or the sticky comments themselves. Replying anywhere in the sticky comment's thread will get you banned.

Removals and bans may also be issued for violations of reddiquette or attempting to use loopholes to circumvent the rules.

Reason: We're a subreddit made for surfing while high, and wish to preserve an atmosphere that enhances said high, and won't harsh mellows or cause bad trips.

Every submission must include proper flair. If you don't know which flair to use, or how to add flair, click here.

Adding flair after the fact will not get your post re-instated. You will have to delete the original, then repost with the correct flair.

Reason: We've had this rule for a decade now, and it makes it so that our subreddit operates as an archive. You can click flair buttons in the sidebar to search posts by type, and flairing makes that possible.


A proper title describes the content, not your feelings or reactions to the content. Non descriptive titles like "woah" or "this blew my mind" are not acceptable. If you're confused, click here.

Do not strip crossposts of their descriptive titles just to be unique. Please do alter any crossposted titles that might falsely suggest you are the content's author.

Reason: Descriptive titles help prevent reposts by making the content easier to find in searches.

RULE 5 - WARNING TAGS required

WARNING [TAGS] are mandatory if they apply. These must be written directly in the title[1] of the post (or directly next to the URL in a comment):

  • [EPILEPSY] - Lots of flashing colors or patterns.
  • [BAD VIBES] - Disturbing, creepy, or scary, and may give some people a bad trip.

WARNING FLAIR must be toggled on for the following:

  • [NSFW] - Nudity or sex.
  • [SPOILER] - Contains references to the plots of any books, shows, films, games or works of art. Regardless of whether you personally feel it's a spoiler or not.

It's your responsibility to know how to do this. If you can't figure it out, don't post the content that requires the tags.

  • Gore / NSFL material is banned outright.

[1] - Post titles should be descriptive, regardless. Posts with generic titles like "woah dude" or "this is trippy" are unacceptable.

Reason: We're a subreddit made for surfing while high, and wish to preserve an atmosphere that enhances said high, and won't harsh mellows or cause bad trips.

RULE 6 - No product advertising

Do not post or request links to product info pages or store fronts (directly or indirectly) or provide, request, or express desire for any information that can facilitate the acquisition of such information. Posting anything that might even be construed as a hint or prompt for someone to relay such information via alternative methods (PMs, etc) will be construed as an attempt to circumvent this rule. This even includes sharing product names, source material where info is included on the page, or mentioning other subreddits or pages where this info might be found. Your post may be removed if such information can be acquired by glancing at your profile history or the original post it was crossposted from. Please report anyone sharing such information.

Failure to accept these conditions is grounds for a removal or ban. If you have questions or comments modmail us. Do not respond to the sticky comment.

Why is even "expressing desire" blocked? Because people very frequently try to use that as an loophole to ask without asking. Similarly by expressing disapproval of this rule in the sticky thread, they might be hinting for someone to PM them info. This is why we simply say not to respond to the sticky at all. If you have an questions or concerns about the rule, modmail us directly to avoid appearing like you are indirectly hinting a request for product info or attempting to use a loophole.

If you want to advertise something on our subreddit, do it the official way.

Reason: We've recently seen an absolutely massive sudden surge of posts of consumer goods in our subreddit and we don't want to further incentivize the use of our subreddit as a way to spam ads, as that will have the effect of derailing the intended purpose of the subreddit. To combat this we're being extremely strict to remove any profit motive. So for now at least, do not share such info. We may relax this rule if we see the issue resolve.

RULE 7 - Repost Policy

Certain reposts are allowed, but reposting should be avoided in many cases.

They are NOT allowed if they have:

  • Been highly ranked on the WoahDude front page. Leniency is determined by number of upvotes and time passed since the last post. (Example: A post that reached the top of WoahDude yesterday will not receive any leniency if reposted today. However, after a few years some leniency may be given)
  • Received too much karma in the past. There is no exact number given, to prevent loophole abuse. Mods will use best judgement taking into consideration factors like number of times reposted and number of reports
  • Karma farming is an instant ban. Accidental reposts or reposting stuff that never got the attention it deserved is one thing. But if you're intentionally farming karma by posting posts that have been previously highly successful in our subreddit you're just a spammer and will be banned.
  • Quasi-Reposts. This is content that may technically not be a repost, but in spirit it is a repost. For example if someone posts a clip of a bioluminescent mushroom growing, you do not get to start posting more clips of that same or similar subjects from different angles, or taken from different videos. Rehashing the same or similar subjects that were popular before is just low effort quasi-reposting. Often these are karma farmers looking for some easy points.

If you encounter an illegitimate repost, do not leave a comment. Instead, submit this modmail form and the offending repost will be removed ASAP. Frequent offenders will also be banned.

If you're too lazy to do that, simply hit the report via the report button and/or modmail. Not quite as effective or guaranteed as modmail, but if the reports add up, we'll take notice.

Also, make sure not to confuse crossposts as reposts. Crossposts are totally fine, always, as long as they fit the subreddit. Falsely reporting crossposts, accusing or bothering users because they crossposted content is considered toxic behavior. (see Rule 10)

Do not claim other people's content as your own. When reposting, edit the post titles as necessary if the original title has or implies certain words or phrasing (such as "I", "my" or "OC") so that it no longer implies the content is yours. The easiest way to do this is to put the entire title in quotation marks. We also encourage you to put OP's /u/username at the end of the title.

On the other hand, do not accuse anyone of stealing content just for the mere fact that their post is a repost. Merely reposting is not an act of claiming content as their own.

Reason: We act as an archive, so we don't need multiple copies of the same content.

RULE 8 - No Low-effort submissions

Only post content if it actually belongs according to both the letter and spirit of our rules. You may be banned if it appears you are posting content for no other reason than to gain karma, self promote, or pad your account history. Avoid posting:

  • Low quality files - Only use decent resolution files and reasonable file sizes. If you don't care about putting effort into posting a quality submission, we don't want you here. Often it's spam bots who do this trying to pad their account histories to make them seem like real users.
  • Uninteresting content - We get a lot of spammers who post content that technically fits the description of 'what is woahdude material', but is boring, uninteresting or only tangentially related to what belongs here. Often this is done for self promotion or account padding.
  • Spammy comments- No repeat comments, self promotion, or making comments that are just a link to a different subreddit.

Reason: To maintain the quality of the user experience.

If you ever have your posting/commenting privileges removed for breaking any rules anywhere on this page, you may аppeal our decision by using this sеcret phrase in a mоdmail to us: El Psy Congroo. Knowledge of this secret phrase (which has been buried here inside of a random rule section) demonstrates you have actually bothered to read the entire rules page. By corollary, failure to mention this phrase in your very next mоdmail communication will be understood as proof you have lied about reading every word of the rules. In fact, stop reading this page immediately and send us that secret phrase in modmail right now, so you won't have to pretend you forgot that step, because we won't buy that predictable excuse anyway if you fail to do so.

RULE 9 - No back-seat modding

If you spot content that you think violates any rule, use the report button or modmail us. Do not air your grievances in the comment section. Again... contact the actual mods!

Don't try to vaguely or indirectly back-seat mod by phrasing your disapproval in the form of a question ("does this really belong here?") or referencing Karma Decay. Loophole attempts are not tolerated.

If you're so concerned with people abiding by our rules, make sure you follow this one yourself.

Reason: More often than not, users who back-seat mod don't even understand our rules to begin with themselves, and are only misleading people about what our rules actually are.

When posting images, link directly to the image file and not a page that contains a bunch other thumbnails, images, comment threads, or other bullshit.

  • For imgur this means your submission URL must end with .gifv, .gif, .webm, .mp4, .jpg or .png

  • For gfycat this means your URL should NOT contain the string gifs/detail/ (just edit that part out)

When posting videos, link directly to the hosting website (i.e. youtube, vimeo) and not a video embedded on some random blog or sites like ebaumsworld.

Reason: We are trying to avoid distracting, unrelated or intrusive crap, people embedding content for clicks, and spammy ads.

RULE 11 - XPOST labels are banned

The use of the [XPOST] tag/label is banned. The [XPOST] system is flawed and surprisingly destructive to sharing content on Reddit.

That being being said, xposting content from other subreddits is totally fine and encouraged. Just don't label your xposts as xposts. If for some reason you really feel the need to tell people you found the link elsewhere on Reddit, say so in a comment below your post -- NOT in the title. (You are required to do this if the content is original content authored by another redditor). However, do not spam links to subreddits in comments (whether self promotional or not) or you will be banned.

Furthermore, do not link to other subreddits. If you want to crosspost to woahdude, make a new post here rather than linking to a pre-existing post.

Reason: Lots of people have been receiving downvotes and nasty comments by other people accusing them of content theft because they didn't use [xpost] tags. That's obviously silly since reddit automatically tags all xposts in the discussions tab at the top of every xpost. This kind of downvoting and hostility has been such a negative and prevalent force on reddit that the only fix seems to be raising an awareness about the issue by banning xpost tags and getting people to drop that weird, accusatory, and pointless system. More info here.

RULE 12 - Freebooting is Banned

A submission may be removed if it is guilty of freebooting. Post content from original sources. Submissions guilty of freebooting may be removed. Especially if the original is available online, or if the author contacts the mods. Certain levels of remixing or fair use apply. So sometimes determining whether something is freebooting is a tough call. But to cover your bases, always link original sources or at the very least mention where it's from. Keep in mind a proper source is NOT another subreddit. A proper source is the name or username of another human being, or of the title of the work (such as a movie). Subreddits do not count as authors. Please do not credit subreddits. Furthermore, ALL posts with a Tik Tok watermark will automatically be treated as freebooting, regardless of any other considerations.

The only watermarks any content should contain are watermarks put there by the original author of the content, or information about the original author.

Reason: To avoid assisting the bottom-feeders of the internet.

Bans and Appeals

If you are ever banned from this subreddit, you have implicitly demonstrated that either you either [1] lack a complete understanding of our full rules, or [2] you do not care about following our rules.

Bans by default are indefinite; however, you may appeal bans via modmail. If we are convinced that both of those things are either untrue or no longer true, you may be unbanned depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind that lying, avoiding responsibility, inability to comprehend or follow through on rules/instructions, or antagonizing mods during the appeal process is a great way to be rejected.

Posting Permissions

In order to combat spam accounts, new users may not contribute submissions or comments to our subreddit until your account is old enough, and you have enough karma (which you can acquire by posting in other subreddits, like a normal redditor). We do not disclose the exact age and karma count required to participate, to prevent that knowledge from being used by spammers to game the system. So do not ask for that information -- just use Reddit like a normal human non-spammer and eventually you'll gain access. Anyone using shady means of gaining karma WILL be instantly banned. This especially includes participating in "free karma" type subreddits, as these subreddits are swarming with spammers and bots looking for quick, easy karma to bypass our safeguards. No excuses will be accepted.

If you cannot accept or understand our rules and guidelines for what sort of material belongs here, you will be banned, as we prefer you do not participate at all, so as to protect the subreddit from misuse.

More Info

The following information is completely optional footnote stuff. It's not required reading for the purpose of ban appeals.